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Just noticed this at Target. 10 dollars off $50.00 purchase and 25 off of $100.00

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Toys"R"Us and Target Cartwheel sales for this week

I knew all those Transformers showing up at Target meant something!! Glad to be proven right!

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I found Titans Return Wave 3 In NYC but decided against it!

Toys R us has a Buy 1 get one 40% off this week. I was able to find Wave 3 of the Titans Return all except Breakaway. I don't really need him. But BOGO doesn't usually work on 3 figures, I was going to get Scatterspike, since she's a girl.

Toys"R"Us sales for this week!

Really looking forward to Thursday, hopefully I'll find Titans Return Wave 3.

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Skullsmasher - Titans Return Figure Review

A few months ago we got word that Titan Wars ( Now Titan Masters to avoid brand confusion) was coming out.

 One of the figures from the first wave that I was looking Forward to was Skullcruncher ( Now Skullsmasher because of licensing issues)
In the IDW comics he's a space stand up comedian, and I wanted to add him to the crew of my Lost Light because of that.
Thanks to Facebook I was informed they were appearing at Toys "R" Us first. So one day after work I went toy hunting. And found him warming the peg at the first store I went to for $16.99. It would be an omen of things to come.