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Captain America and Wolverine: Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Comic Pack

Arch Enemies Captain America (best Cap in the line)

Marvel Legends Brown Costume Wolverine

Lo! There came a day when I decided to do a written review and it was good! Or so I think.

Why Did I Get These?: I'm at the start of building my Marvel Universe collection. I have know of these guys for a long time but the size, the character selection and most of the times the faces put me off from buying them. But the biggest X-factor was the price. I even complained about it in a video:

But I just had to add a Captain America and Wolverine to my collection and the X-Men Origins figures weren't cutting it (Snikt!)

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 This is one of the best comic packs out there. 2 iconic characters one iconic comic book cover, but a so-so story. The comic follows Captain America (it's his book) as he tracks down a guy in a jet pack and a robutt. Wolverine gets involved when the robutt hurts an innocent bystander. There's the typical hero fighting hero confusion. But in the end they team up and save the day. Hooray!

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As you can see you really need bases to have these figures stand by themselves. None are included in the pack but it's something hasbro should really consider. Even if they need to drop the comic, They could put the cover artwork and let the buyer decide if he wants to read this or put a pdf file on a cd.  Or put up a link where you can read it like this. But we really need stands, and the Iron Man 2 ones have that card holder thingy which gets in the way.

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  Captain America is by far the best of the pack to make this guy worth getting again, Hasbro has added some shine to some of the scales on his chest and arms. The underside of his biceps are smooth but this is because of the Ultimate Cap mold. His eyes are a little bug eyed, like if he was trying to keep his eyes open for a picture. But that's only noticeable at this angle.
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Wolverine is a repaint of series 1's X-force Wolverine. I don't own that figure so they might have changed some things. His color is darker than the Secret Wars comic pack. I don't like how his neck sticks out, that's a problem on a lot of figures not just this one. His claws are separate as opposed to some of the X-Men Origins figures which were one piece. And which I actually prefer. I've seen a lot of these comic packs where the claws are bent because of the plastic. It's really tough to get him to stand without a base.
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Accessories: The only accessory in this pack belongs to Captain America and it's his scarred shield. Adamantium vs Vibranium? Adamantium wins! it's a cool little bonus that can be fixed by swapping shields. Oh and you also get the comic. It's Captain America Annual #8. The Captain's shield has the straps in the back so you can sling it over his back. This is something the Secret Wars Cap did not have.

Articulation: If you own the original molds for these figures, Series 1 Wolverine and Series1 Ultimate Captain America  then you know what you're getting. I haven't noticed any looseness, but I know they won't stand alone. I didn't have a problem with my Ultimate Captain America when I tried to force his swivel calves and it broke off. Ouch!

 I forgot to add the lines pointing out which joints are which but, the word are placed near their respective joints. Live and learn.

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Where Did I Get It: I picked this up at Target for $14.99 ($16 and change with NY Tax) Pathmark has these comic packs for $19.99 and Toys R Us has them for $17 and change. So Target is your best bet for value.

If you want you can buy this online from Hasbro Toy Shop but you'll have to pay shipping (Duh!) shipping and tax raises the price to about $21.74 (Ouch!) so if you live in a big city like me, avoid e-tailers. If not wait untill there is a free shipping sale. But that doesn't guarentee you'll get this. When i made the video review it was sold out.

Final Thoughts: It's one thing to see an item in package and hold expectations, it's another thing to appreciate it after it's opened. I tried to display these without the stands and most of the time they would stand up.

I've read the comic and it's decent, don't like the artwork that much. I got rid of my comic book collection in 2009, and I don't know what I'm gonna do with the ones in the comic packs. But one thing I did like of the ToyBiz Marvel Legends figures was that extra bonus comic. So I just might bag and board these.

 I have them in a Ziploc bag, and I'm glad I've added them to my numbers. When I put my gundams in storage, I will be putting Marvel Universe figures on the shelf.

I don't think that I will display Wolverine, but if the Captain America movie line doesn't deliver a better 616 version. This guy will be it.

Looking forward to the movie

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