Friday, February 4, 2011

Introduction to Aries0083's Action Figure Blog

Hello, many of you may know me as the old man who plays with Nerf guns and reviews toys. Also you may know me as the guys who has a lot of stuff going on.

This year (2011) I want to make an effort and improve the quality of my work. My blogs in the past have been either single minded (Gundamcast) or sporadic as heck (One Man's Hobby) but in an effort to monetize and optimize my hobby, I want to bring every thing together.

The title of the blog and it's url have my username and the words that I feel are best associated with what I do. (I should have added the word "review" but it's too late for that)

I have been collecting and reviewing figures for years, and it's something I enjoy. It wasn't until a few years ago that I discovered I could make money doing something I loved.

Thank you for visiting this blog and I hope that it will help you in making the decision to buy what ever it is you want, to try something new. Or just get another guys opinion of something you already have.
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