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Marvel Universe Wishlist!

Hello out there in cyberspace! This is a post that like Nacho Libre wearing "strechy pants", is just for fun.

Before I begin I have to explain that, fan's rarely make a decision in the character selecting process. While it's true that Star Wars fans get their vote. (And then months later have to see their decisions warm the pegs!)
Most other's are just picking the timely release of a set of characters already waiting to be made.

If you have noticed many of the current figures in the Marvel Universe line were released in the Marvel Legends line. So Hasbro is placing it's money on the sure thing by releasing characters that action figure fans are already familiar with.

They do throw in the wild stallion from time to time. So it's time to buck up and read my list! Yeehaww!

It's the perfect time to introduce new characters into the toy market since we are getting 3 Marvel movies this year, so I'm gonna start with the movie lines.

1st is Thor, the worst. We haven't seen any comic series figures so I'm going to interject 3!

  1. Beta Ray Bill: Why the long face? As you can tell by the list all these characters have a variation on Thor's costume. I remember seeing lots of Bills on the pegs at KB toys. But I imagine the figure as being beefy like Hulk.
  2. Thunderstrike: Another Thor clone, the look I have in mind is his first appearance look, with the tiny jacket. And the rocking ponytail. I think he wore the beard before Thor. Stylish!
  3. Valkyrie: The perfect girl for Thor according to Odin, It would be most awesome if she came with her horse (Of course!) But I highly doubt it. All she needs is her sword and her spear.
2nd line to get the wish list treatment is Iron Man. A line made entirely of repaints will not last long. So just by adding these 3, it will last till the Avengers movie! (I kid)

  1. Ghost: Criminal mastermind dressed all in white? He's your man. I don't know much about the character but I know he looks like an evil Moon Knight  guy with a backpack.
  2. Stingray: Both of these guys were in the "Armor Wars" storyline, so they fit right in. Ray's costume is a little bland, but maybe Hasbro can re-design parts of it.
  3. The Beetle: We got a version in the Spider-Man ToyBiz line, so it's not like anyone never heard of him. But I want the 1st appearance look. No Mach-5 or mech suit version.

Now for the most anticipated line of 2011(In my mind) Captain America! Final Justice!

  1. Armin Zola: This guy is just weird looking, you can tell he was a product of Stan Lee's era of Marvel. Jesse Falcon of Hasbro's Marvel division has stated in the past that he likes this character, so it seems likely.
  2. Baron Zemo (Helmut): I remember this design as a kid, I think it was one of the Secret Wars of the 80's toys. It's kinda plain. I like the mask design, but just slap some contraption onto him and maybe he'll look better.
  3. Armored Captain America: I saw a minimate of this,couldn't think of any other Captain America costume variations so I guess this is the only one I can think of.
  4. The Captain: He fought the Silver Centuri...doh!
Ok onto the X-Men First Class stuff! (Classy!) I'm as glad as Deadpool when he gets a gun for Christmas that we won't be getting any James McAvoy toys, movie figures tend to be really bad. The Wolverine Origins line was saved by the mere fact that there was a sub set of comic series toys in them.

If you're a long time fan of Marvel action figures, you know what I'm talking about. There was good and bad in those lines. But enough reminiscing!

  1. Omega Red: I never followed the characters history, but I do know that he was awesome in all the Capcom games. He recently showed up in the Wolverine anime (don't ask) and would go nice with you're "Team X" Wolverine and Maverick from the Wolverine movie line. Bonus! He already existed in the ToyBiz line, and Constrictor has the tendrils already. (as you can tell I really like him)
  2. Bishop: Cable and baby Hope (for a limited time) need someone to hunt them down. Why not Bishop! Shaved head or Mullet?! let the fans decide. But I want the old costume kerchief and all.
  3. Scarlet Witch: Your Super hero Squad will be complete (sans Reptil) and Magneto will have both his real kids. (Lorna doesn't count) Plus the Vision will be really happy! lol
Alright Now the grand finally. The reason why this post exists...

Marvel Universe. There is a whole gamut of things here. But I'm just gonna throw names at it and see what happens. We're set for 2011 and toy planning usually takes at least 6 months to a year. So if anybody reading. it will probably happen in 2013. But here goes!
  1. She-Hulk: I really like the white/pink number she's been sporting lately. It will be a chance to break out of the Standard Marvel Universe Female Figure (SMUFF) since i don't think any other female will be able to use the body. Plus the Hulk needs his family.
  2. Quazar: This figure will scream "I'm a design guy!" every time I look at it. He's like the Green Lantern of Marvel ( or is that Nova?) But I like the mullet and the cape. Plus you can swap the heads with your standard shield agent!
  3. Wasp: In the back and yellow costume. For a fashion designer she really had some bad taste. Blearghh. Even the costume in "The Avengers" cartoon blows chunks. We can either get her as a Masterpiece, Gigantic Battles, or regular release. And in case you're saying "We already have 2!"
  4. M.O.D.O.K.: I have no idea where this figure will fit in the line, but I've always liked him since we got the ToyBiz BAF (Build A Figure) plus he has exposure. he's been in Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Super Hero Squad and The Avengers. I've thought of using the BAF, but maybe they can re-release him?
And to end this whole post my last wish. I know it will never be granted Jeannie, but I have to say it.

X-Factor: A box set in the style of the "Second Genesis" one They will probably do a 1st X-Men set for the movie. (I'm sure we'll get a Beast and feathered Angel in the line) But I want the Peter David Issue 72 team.

No Forge, Please!
 The character I'm pining for is Strong Guy (Guido Carosella) I'm sure they can take a Red Hulk and re-tool it. I also want Havok in his Joe Quesadilla costume. Pop your collar Alex!

Well that's it. I think all my choices are awesome. Let me know what you think in the comment box below.
Don't be shy. And make mine Marvel!
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