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Spider-Woman: Marvel Universe Figure Review

Marvel Legends Spider-Woman

J. Drew became mighty popular when she joined the New Avengers. But she was popular before that. For a time she was tagging along with Logan when he was "Patch" in Madripoor. But even before that she had her own animated series in the 70's!

Marvel Universe Spider-Woman

Why Did I Buy This Figure?: "I'm a design guy!" It's a phrase I like to use. But  to put it bluntly I like the costume. It really helps that the basic female body that this figure uses is pretty good. She's a well rounded female. Something that's bothered fans of Kitty Pryde. (since she's a young woman) But  it's OK here.

I'll use my venom blasts!
Where Did I Buy This Figure?: I got the first one at Target for $8.04, and then I got my sub sequent figures at Toys R Us when they had their Marvelouso sale. 2 for $10.99 it makes me happy every time I think of it.

Kiss of the Spider Woman?

Face Sculpt: Jessica is very pretty, but I've noticed that sometimes she has Meg Ryan lips. Duck lips. It depends on the paint app of your figure so results may vary. I had some difficulties finding one that didn't have a bit of slop where he mask meets her skin. It seems that Hasbro has been getting better with their head sculpts, but I think she has the advantage of wearing a mask.

Double Your Pleasure?
What Does This Figure Come With?: Well besides the standard base. You get zilch. I mean the base is a good accessory. But for the price point we should at least get some venom blasts. If you want to destroy the figure you could clip off the spider webs connected to the arms and count those as accessories. Series 1 and 2 had the paper files, but at least it was something.

Invisible bullets, for your invisible accessories.

Articulation: You get the standard female body here. I can really commend Hasbro for the multiple uses applied to this body, very cost cutting! I have nothing bad to say about Spider-Woman, but other figures have had problems. My Firestar's head is stuck and The Enchantress is not a pretty figure.

Click To Enlarge
Final Verdict: Ms. Drew is a very colorful figure and as a female in the line is kinda hard to find. The character has played some important parts in Marvel Comics history and would look good in your team of Avengers. I got her to build my army of Marvel figures (just like I did with Marvel Legends) and she's a step up from the female figures before her.

Pew! Pew!

Should you buy it?: Hasbro hasn't created a flying base for this scale of figures so your poses are limited. Plus without the stand it's possible to have her stand,but she can easily fall down. I'm sure with time these issues can be fixed. But it's also a matter of time until Hasbro's Marvel licence is up.

The cost of Marvel figures keeps going up more than it does down. But I say pick her up. She'll look good in your collection, and impress the ladies at the same time.

"Spider-Woman Agent Of  S.H.E.I.L.D." by yours truly

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