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Toy Topic: Release Dates on Toys

Bucky, Dark Ms. Marvel and Union Jack
While listening to a podcast, and seeing a post on a blog about the Target DCPI number for the Thor Figures and talking to my friend form Hasbro (The G-Man) I realize that release dates are kind of a double egded sword.

The Thor Figures have a big sticker on the box that says the release date is in March (the 1st) and while this is a bane on any collectors that happen to want these figures. I don't care! The Thor figures suck all kinds of dirty things. lol

But this isn't the only time this has happend. I remember back when the first Transformers movie was coming out we had the same thing.

As you might be able to tell, this only applies to the first wave of a specific line. After the toys are in stores no more relase dates.

Wouldn't it be nice if you knew when figures come out? Japan has us beat!

In Japan specifically with Gundam merchandise you can find out when a model kit is supposed to hit the market. But the way things work in Japan don't always work in the United States and viceversa.

I for one would love to know when I should go to any store and pick up a figure especially the rare hard to find ones. And I could avoid all thoses unnecesary and unsuccesful trips to the store.

So All in Favor say I!

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