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Toy Topic: Toy Returns

I've worked in the retail business since 1994, and while nobody likes getting stuff brought back to them as a retailer, it does assure the customer that in the event that the item doesn't work out of the box that they are not out of there hard earned cash.

But like may things this can be abused.

As a retailer you have to take the customers word for it, and if they say the item was flawed from the get go, in order to keep a paying customer, you have to take the item. What happens from there I don't know. But it's possible that the item is sent back to the maufactuer and they give the retailer a new one.

I have heard stories of jerkery that would make your blood boil. And since I know you want your blood to boil I will recount them for you!


One of my co-workers returned a book, because she didn't like the ending!
Someone returned a movie because it sucked!

Ok so it was just one, but I have other stories..

On the podcast "Star Wars Action News" a Scott from Tulsa OK, would buy something on clearance, and if he went back to the store and the item was still there but reduced even more. He would return it and buy it again at the reduced price. And he would do this as many times as he could

That's too much frakkin work, he would have to buy the item and leave it in his car. Or make a trip home and back when ever he noticed a lower price. WTF!
So basically you buy something to leave it in your car. That does not make sense! (Like the Chewbacca Defense)

I've been an unwilling witness to a variation of this. It involved someone I know returning an item and me buying it for him. I felt so wrong, I vowed never to do that again.

Last Saturday I overheard Trench Coat Guy ( I should start calling him "Trench" or TCG but that means Trading Card Game) say that he was gonna buy some marvel peg warmers and return then to a store so he could get some extra bucks. JERK!

You know he's just gonna return a whole bunch of Iron Man 2020's not those cool variants he swiped.

Last time I went to Target someone had returned a Justice League 3 pack and they took out Despero and replaced him with a prison uniform "Lex Luther" and you can tell that the bottom of the package was opened and sealed. JERKS!

So as you can see the system can be gamed to a collectors advantage. This post is both destructive and informative. I have made you aware of something that you might not have been aware of, but it can be used for evil..just like "The Force"!

I have a dark confession to make. Norman Osborn's my dad... Just kidding!

The Pathmark Fiasco involved this very thing.

A few weeks ago when it snowed I made a few Toy Haul videos, one involved a Hawkeye/Piledriver comic pack, and the other involved Kup. And then when I found Bucky and Union Jack at Target I bought them.

So last Saturday I went into Target and they had the Nightcrawler/Storm, Dr.Doom/Absorbing Man and Bulldozer/Thing comic packs.

Ever since I saw the Nightcrawler pack in a Wal*Mart and I decided to leave it because I could of bought it on Hasbro Toy Shop, but I didn't factor in the shipping! So I've been meaning to ask my bro to go back to the store. But seeing it in Target I didn't have too!

When ever there is a sale going one I always decide to go with the sale, because it's a one of a lifetime thing. (Sometimes) So I decided against buying any of them.

But after the sale was over, I thought, you know I could return the Thor/Iron Man Comic pack...But that would not be enough so I could return Soundwave using Kup's receipt. They're from the same line anyway.
And they're pegs are full of Extremist Iron Man's. I bought Bucky, I'll use his receipt to add to the pot.

It would work! I knew it, in my heart of hearts I would be closer to Secret Wars completion.

Because I had seen the Hawkeye comic pack in Toys R Us with better paint apps (the one from pathmark looked like he had a bloody nose) I was gonna return it. It's open 24 hours!

So I pack everything in my bag, go to work and after work I head toward Pathmark. Once there I'm told the return desk doesn't open till 8 am. I got there at 7:40! So I wait 20 min and at 8 I go back in. (I didn't want to go through the hassle of going to Target and then coming back because I would be taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back)

Once inside I'm told that the return girl still wasn't there that I had to wait at least another 15 min. :(

So finally when she does show up I bring the item to her, and she bluntly says:

"You opened it. I can't accept this."

Now every ever loving fan of all things Hasbro and Marvel knows that there is tape on the bottom part of the package. So she thought that I opened and replaced the item. Which I know happens (as seen above) but I didn't do it.

One of the general customer rules (and I'm sure you all know this) is to not enrage the person who's supposed to be helping you. So I pleaded to her heart and told her that the figures in the package were the same as the ones shown on the back.

"Maybe once the package is opened the toys will be broken."

Wow. I had been around the store when I was waiting for her and they didn't have any comic packs in stock. So I could not go and show her one on the shelf. I had one in my book bag (Cap/Wolvie) but I knew she would say something like "You opened that one too."

So I resulted to swearing!

"I swear that I did not open that." Whilst doing the whole hand swearing thing.

"I'm not supposed to do this and I can get in trouble for this.."

So she gave me my money back. And I thanked her. But in my mind I vowed never to go back there again. (But give me some time and I'll get over it. lol)

I went to Target and everything went off without a hitch. But "The Universe" was on my side. The comic packs I was looking for were sold out, but there were new figures on the pegs!

Granted they were 7.99, but that's when I picked up 2 Kitties, and Patriot. Later my buddy The G-Man showed up with Mystique, Britain, Rulk. I left one Kitty and bought the rest. I had to give 9 dollars but I left happy.

I don't blame the Pathmark cashier for doing her job as illustrated above, "Collectors" can be jerks in the things that they do. But like the Target cashier showed all you have to do is make sure it wasn't tampered with and (this is extra) be familiar with the product.

But very few people know the things we do so I can't blame them. It's easy to confuse Fred with Justin Bieber. lol It's the hair!

But scam artist will always exist.

I felt I did nothing wrong in returning Soundwave (he was sold when I last went there) or returning Extremist (pegwarmer) Iron Man to the store. I'm sure at a discounted price he will also sell.

I have learned that keeping your receipts is a good thing, it will help you get the stuff you want when you can't. Especially if you have a habit like me of buying more that one. Or you don't open your toys untill you're ready to review them. Just get rid of the jerkery and don't abuse the system.
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