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Toys R Us Buy 2 For $10.99 Sale (Feb 27 To March 05)

Hmm. I sense a pattern here.

The last time we got this fantastic sale was the last week of January into February. So it's that last week of Febuary into March.

As a Nerd I'm good with patterns, I need to use this more. If I'm correct we should get a sale at the end of March. And if that happens. It will be a good thing, Because I will save my money through the month of March and then go all out at the end.

The new wave of Marvel Universe should be coming out. But I guess I'll get one of each. (Or just the ones I can find) And then go nuts at the end of the month.

Good luck out there hunting! And tell them Aries0083 sent ya. (Even though they will have no idea what you are talking about)

Here's hoping I find the Bucky Wave!

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