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Bill Foster with Ragnarok: Exclusive To Walmart

For the longest time we have heard that the new series of Greatest Battles will nor be exclusive like they were in the past. But after seeing this review and noticing the box, there is a little sticker that says "Only at Walmart." Sigh...

Hasbro has somewhat rectified this probably with the Iron Man Legends series. It's possible that we could see a re-release of the old  Gigantic battles but that's a stretch.

Out of these new ones The Bill Foster one is the one I want most. Yes, I would love a comic accurate Loki but the design I like is the one that's currently part of the Avengers name statue thingy. Warming the pegs at Toys R Us.

Well at least I can always have my brother drive me to Wal*Mart. It's not like in the past where I had to take the LIRR to Valley stream and not find anything.

But even then. All the Wal*Marts I've visited are empty of any exclusives I want. I was only able to get the 6 inch War Machine and Iron Man mark VI was to travel to Pennsylvania! So I'm still miffed.

No so miffed is the fact that it looks like we will be getting the re-use of the Marvel Legends Icon Cyclops body, which Iok of "That Figures" says " it actually feels like a cheap knock-off. "

Goliath is a figure that I could live without, I would like to see what the Thor figure looks like though.

If I find it "Hooray!" If not, I got better things to collect.

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