Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Repulsor Power War Machine

I went to Target today, after making a test post which I'm overwriting with this one. And I saw remnants of the Bucky wave. Everything was there except for the variants. But I saw something that surprised me.

Along with the new Repulsor Power Iron Man which adds some silver to the mix and has a different voice actor, without the electronic echo added. There was a repulsor Power War Machine.

I did not know of this things existence so it kinda caught me by surprise especially since Iron Man's referring to Rhodey in his voice clips. I was like if they only mad a War machine...and Blammo! There he was.

I was looking at Thor and I was thinking. This is a good place to start a big figure collection. Since the Captain America line will also have one of these electronic figures in the line.

But only time will tell. Maybe if there is a Marvel Month sale! Then I'll bite the bait. $22.89 is a bit much.
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