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Toy Topic: Ending Your Collection?

This post is kinda a response to this webpost.

I've kinda been in this situation before, and it's a bit sad especially since I was 35 when it happened. But there comes a point in every collectors life when they say..

What am I going to do with all these toys?!!

This usually happens when you have to move out from one place to another. The first time this happened to me I ended up with this.

A room full of stuff. Most of it was MOC, but the rest was opened in a way as to conserve the packaging. So it took up a lot of space. But when my brother who was my roommate at the time moved, I realized that I had to lighten my load.

So I started selling my stuff on ebay. My feedback right now is in the 600's so that means I sold 600+ items that I owned (that's only including the people who left feedback) THAT'S A LOT!

By the end of my lease I was selling things by the bin load. In the past I had considered putting stuff in storage, but opted against it, using the excuse that the storage money would go to getting more toys.

But I found that selling the MOC stuff was easy. People want to know that when they buy something everything that should be in there is. So those sold like hotcakes. The in package Marve Legends pics on this site are from the time I was auctioning them off.

Currently I don't own anything that's MOC, the stuff that's shown up in my past vlogs are either for Ebay or I haven't opened it for review yet.

I've found a nice little storage place and I still have room for at least 8 more bins.

That's not to say that toys are bad and should not be collected. (Because as you can see I haven't stopped collecting.)

Plus I kinda have a bad habit of buying stuff because it's on sale, cheap or I want to list it on The Bay.

But what I would tell anyone in that predicament is..

You can narrow down and make you collection grow slowly by putting special limitations to it.

Like one video reviewer who only collects lead gundams. Or a female toy reviewer who only collect female characters. I've seen someone who's collection only consists of Wolverine figures!

Correctly store your figures (which I will be touching on in the future) so that they don't take up a lot of space. And lastly..

Make something of it. Build a website, do reviews, create a store, and make some moohlah doing what you love. If your gonna end your collection, at least have the pictures and video to reminisce about. And make it worth something.

But tastes change. I stopped collecting comic books because the stories sucked and I felt like my collection was worthless. And my gaming phase disappeared because I had no time to play video games. My brother lent me Ghostbusters and The Force Unleashed a year ago, and I still haven't played them.
I still have unbuilt gundam kits. So reviewing these Marvel Universe figures is easier because I don't have to build.

I would love to take some time off and build, but what about the bills?!!

And until you feel in your heart of hearts that you're no longer interested in toys.( I know I will never collect comics again) You'll always be invested in it one way or the other. That means if you're thinking of stopping because of a reason other than it's lost your interest. Don't expect it to go away. LOL

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