Saturday, March 12, 2011

Toy Topic: The Universe

Mmm? How do I put this. Have you ever wished something to happen? What I mean is like you think you're going to find Bucky and then a few days later you find him on the pegs.

Or you're looking for that hard to find Classic Iron Monger. And then voila you find it.

It's a beautiful thing isn't it?

So how do you work your mojo so that you get lucky and find that unmasked Wolverine variant.

Yeah, you can work you butt off and hit every store you know of everyday and eventually you find the item you were looking for. And you can say "Aries you live in the greatest city in the world New York, you have lots of opportunities to find new stuff."

And you would be right!

But you also have to have the right mindset.

There is a book and a movie called "The Secret". The main  theme behind "The Secret" is that you can will stuff to happen.

But if you go into Toy R Us thinking "I'm gonna find Thanos today!" you won't be lucky. Heck I saw Thanos in my local Target and I didn't pick him up because I thought he wasn't rare.

So the mindset I have is to put the idea in my head, ( I'm going to find Thanos) but not to keep pining on it.
You can't say. I'm not gonna find it. Or I'm gonna find it.

Just have the hope that one day you'll find it, and enjoy you're toy runs. Think about the other times you have been lucky. And eventually you'll find the toys you were looking for.

But be forewarned, In my toy hunting career, I've never found all the things I wanted. I'm still missing some variants. But for the most part I've found what I've wanted from new waves when they come out.

So let me specify.
  • Think about positive things that you have in your life.
  • Beforehand have an idea what your looking for. It should be more than one item. You can't be specific.
  • Don't get negative thoughts stuck in your head.

Let me give you some examples.
Sunday morning I was checking out the Marvel Checklist on It's All True.Net and I took a look at the Jean Grey figure. Since I hadn't done so before. I had seen the figure way back before I was interested in MU, but did not pick it up.

So I go out looking for Juggernaut and HELLO! I found Jean.

Another example.
I went to TRU when they had the 2 for 10 sale. And I go there late. I ask myself what good figures Trenchcoat Guy probably got away with. I look on the back of the card and see Bucky.

A few days later I found him at full price at Target.

Example 3.
Around Christmas time I had declined on getting a Nightcrawler/Storm comic pack because I didn't want to spend the money and I was saving for something better (Galactus). But then calculating Hasbro Toy Shops shipping I realized that it would have been better to pick it up.

So I was beating myself up for not doing that.

A few months later I saw them at Target, but since the 2 for 10 sale was going on. I decided to come back for them after the sale was over. When I came back they were gone. I was miffed!

But the stock boys had put out a new batch of Marvel Universe figures! I got Mystique and Captain Britain. I eventually found the others I picked up that day on the shelves again. But I haven't seen Cap or Mystique.

But then I go to another Target and finally pick up the Storm/Nightcrawler pack.

So if you keep an open my and let the universe know what you want, you should get it.

But you also have to do some work.

If you say I want a girlfriend and the girl next door is flirting with you but you won't try anything because she's not HOT, then you fail.

Because the Universe is telling you, here's a girl. But you don't want her. So you get none.

So get off your behind at start hunting! Good luck, and remember you're results may vary.
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