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Where To Shop For Toys In New York City and How!

In my time living in this great city I have visited many locales, and I've leraned many tricks and categorized my madness. It  wasn't an easy process it took years to analyse patternes and find routes to places in the name of Action Figure collecting.

I would love to start off historically, by saying which stores I discovered first. But in an effort to be visually pleaseing I'm gonna have to go according to which stores I have taken pictures of. The way I found directions to most of these stores was through a website called and then Google Maps.

If you live in NYC or are just visiting I hope this little guide will help you.

This article will be long but the knowledge is eternal.

Fist off The Big Bad!

Toys R Us Times Square

1514 BROADWAY AT 44TH Street NEW YORK NY 10036

If you look very closely, Trench Coat Guy is waiting outside..

This store usually opens at 10 am, and 11 am on Sundays. The prices are steep. But you can almost guarentee (in Gambit's voice) that you'll find what your looking for if the item has been out for a while.

It's also one one of the places where new toys show up. Before they show up in other TRU stores. But because of that alot of Scalpers including yours truly (lol) show up there.

The best days to go that I've found are Sunday morning, and Wednesday morning (comic day) although I've also had luck finding stuff on Saturday morning.

Don't expect to have the "help" help you find something. There is no stock room in the back, so the store recieved new items every night. What ever is on the shelves that all there is.

The G-Man's favorite Target literally!
 Target Queens Place
8801 Queens Blvd Elmhurst, NY 11373 (718) 760-5656
Target has the benefit of opening at 8 am, so you have to wake up really early to get to this one. The store is made up of 2 floors out of the 4 that make up the mall.
The toy section is on the 4th floor, and is fairly decent. Trench Coat Guy starts his run in the Target on Atlantic ave in brooklyn, so we never bump into each other here. We did once around when the Marvel Legends Galactus wave was out. That's how long ago that was.
The G-Man and others show up here but they're usually after Hot Wheels cars.
Target has the lowest prices on their toys than any other retailer, so I love Target. Where else can you buy a toy and then a pack of White castle burgers at the same time!
Since this store has been around for a while a lot of collectors show up here. But My new favorite is coming up.

Be careful crossing the street You might get yourself killed!

Target At The Skyview Center

4024 College Point Blvd
Flushing, NY 11354 (347) 532-9942
This Target is less than a year old and is very easy to get to from where I live. heck I don't even need to spend 2 bus fares. I can take the Q44 to the store and take the Q20 back home. Just using a transfer!
I used to enter this store through the back because I didn't know there was a front. LOL But most of the time I haven't run into any other toy collectors at the store.
You can't miss it!
But I haven't found any treasures here yet.
When Target at Queens Place had their Marvel Universe 2 packs for $9.98. This store still had them at $12.99. But they did have Havok on the pegs, and that made me mad that I paid 12.99 in Pathmark for the figure. So I guess I just have to wait till the new wave comes out.
There have been times when I've found the pegs stocked while the Queens Place store is empty, so I think that's a good thing. it's also had to park there, so that weeds out alittle more of the competion.
And finally...

If you squint you might see it.

This is not a big name store, nor a store that if you mention it's name people will know what you're talking about, but I think it's a unique creature in of itself.


  • Address: 9632 QUEENS BLVD,  REGO PARK,  NY  11374-1143 
  • Telephone: (718) 275-0460
Ther is one in Astoria I believe and it was one of the source of Sigma 6 Sigma Stike Dukes and Quad Runner Dukes. That store holds some fond memories, as well as being close to where I used to live in Astoria.
But this one. I like alot.

Currently they have 25th anniversary Joes (Cobra disguise Flint, Spanish Scarlet, Airborne, Cobra Bazooka trooper, Croc Master and Mutt) and Rise of Cobra Joes for $3.99 (mostly Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow Flash and Helix and some Vipers) They also have Joe comic packs for $9.99 (Mainframe/Beachhead, Cobra Commander/Gung Ho and Iron Grenadier/Viper)

If I was really into Joes, this would be Heaven sent! (but I haven't sold any of the Joes that I have listed on Ebay so people must not like em much)

They have some small Kamen Rider Dragon Knight figures for 3.99. It was here that I got the Blank cycle.
And the kicker of them all...wait for it

Dc Universe Darkseid wave for 9.99 each figure. I haven't seen Iron, but since these figs are usually in the 15-17 dollar realm. I think it's a good deal.

They also have the 2 packs (Hal and Abin Sur, Lex vs Supergirl) for 14.99. They had Animated Shockwave and Skywarp during Christmas. But I didn't pick them up.

So that's it for now. I haven't takin any new pictures. But I think I'll just keep editing this article till I'm complete.

Good Hunting!

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