Sunday, April 17, 2011

America (@#$!) Yeah!

Hasbro Toy Shop has some Captain America merchandise on the site, with expected street dates. There was one thing that I saw that was new on the site.

It was the Captain America fortress Assault figure, which looks pretty good.(Click the title!)  And should be shipping around March 23rd.

And the first case of Cap figures, is all 3 per case. No short packs. I know the World War II figure will be the hot one. I know I'm picking up at least 2. I like the Ultimate Cap but I don't like that the only shield that comes with it, splits in 2. Also the case will begin shipping March 23rd.

I like this flavor text:

Critically injured and lost in the freezing North Atlantic, the former partner of Captain America was eventually discovered by a sinister and shadowy group of evil men. Brainwashed by them, he became the Winter Soldier, a dangerous and skilled assassin, feared around the world. Powerful and menacing, your Winter Soldier figure is ready to fight against all of the forces of good! Help your fierce fighter put on his snap-open jet pack to chase down his enemies, defend him from attacks and strike back with speed and power. Even when you’re surrounded, you and your Winter Soldier figure can battle your way to a villainous victory! Figure comes with snap-open jet pack.

I've been a little hesitant to pick up the Marvel Universe Winter Soldier, because of this guy. Depending on the head sculpt (and the hair) I will either leave it behind, or pick them both up. Since long hair=evil I might need them both. But I don't like the fact that the MU figure uses the shield agent body.

I've been tempted to buy waves from Hasbro Toy Shop but seeing that I have most of the figures it doesn't make sense. And I'm also not to crazy about pre-ordering.

Way back when the first Transformers Animated toys came out I got Lockdown, Cybertron Optimus and Bumblebee from their site. I waited like 2 weeks not toys, I expected it around the estimated delivery date they gave. But nothing happened.

Then these toys showed up at Target and I bought them with the intention of returning or cancelling my order. The toys arrived 4 days later. And I returned them to Target.

Moral of the story. If you think you'll get these early so you can do an exclusive review. Don't count on it.
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