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The G-Man Files:Marvel Specialty Store (again?!)

So yesterday I was talking to my friend the G-Man at Target, and I got some more info. At first when he mentioned this I thought it would be like a Marvel month at Toys R Us. But it's not.

Only at the Toys R Us in Times Square will they have this "specialty shop"
 on display they will have Captain America's shield (from the movie I think. It has a distinct star so I'll have to see it to know) and Thor's hammer.

This is supposed to happen on Sunday, but G-Man says that it still needs some work, so it should be up by Tuesday or Wednesday.

He said that there will be some extra Marvel product as well as the regular product in the isle. I'm looking forward to seeing if they have the X-Men 35th anniversary boxset.

I've been bumping into more collectors at Target, and I wonder sometimes if they are any of my readers. If you do see me, just strike up some conversation. You can say I know you from Youtube. Or I read your blog.

Well I'll keep you updated with whatever happens. I'm sure this specialty store is not limited to New York.

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