Friday, April 29, 2011

Revision cases are the Beez Nees!

I think everyone can agree with me that when Marvel Universe came out it was kinda bad. Big hands, stumpy bodies, ugly punisher heads. I never even thought of picking up the line back then.

The first time I saw Ms. Marvel I was surprised because there hadn't been a female figure in the line. So it peaked some of my interest. But this time it wasn't the scuplts that were bad it was the price. Which I guess in my disinterest I never noticed before.

When I saw Team X, Wolvie, Juggernaut and Colossus on the pegs at Target, I was interested. I remember seeing Gambit and Deadpool at Toys R Us times Square and not picking them up because I wasn't into collecting them (now I'm kicking myself!) and I also didn't see them as figures that would be hard to get like Thanos (which I also saw at Target).

But fear not mear mortal! Revision cases are here!

I'm sure that other lines have this like Star wats and G.I. Joe, but as I satated before ToyBiz never did anything like this. Which would have been awesome!

I don't get why the toy industry doesn't look back and see something that was a hit ( like the Transformers commemorative editions) and re-release it again. But then again I don't work for a toy company, but I try to think like one.

So Big Bad Toy Store has some listings for revision cases. I'll tell you what I want.

2011 Series 2 Revision 04..Thanos, Black Costume Spider-man, Human Torch and The Wrecker!

There are other revision cases, and I've seen some familiar ones like the "Bucky" wave and the "Jean" wave. And also the wave where I picked up Archangel and The Thing.

 I like that it's a great way for people to catch up in there collecting.

I have to admit that the collector in me makes me go back and even pick up figures that I find sub-par, just to have them in my collection. But the ones that I like a lot I usually pick up multiples when they are on sale.

I'm gonna keep my eye on BBTS and when ever I find a revision case out there I will use the proper designation.

I'm such a nerd....
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