Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Super Hero Squad Online Review

If you haven't gotten my open invitation to the beta, and accepted it. You're missing out on being a Marvel Super Hero. Unlike DC's MMORPG you can play as Thor, or Spider-Man if you wanted to. But lets go into the review shall we.

Ms. Marvel is your go to gal.

With the characters, the highest level that I got Thor to was level 11. Which changes the level meter to max. Each character has 3 different emotes, and they also have a dance move, just for fun. All of them are designed with the Super Hero Squad look. And at first I thought you could only have 12 characters on your team, but then I realized you could own them all with enough time and dedication.

As long as the system doesn't have to be cleaned out. But it's a beta, what do you expect?

You start the beta with 4 members on your team.
  1. Cyclops: A Projectile hero. I don't like him that much. His optic blasts are kinda slow. His special attack is cool though. And his second emote is funny.
  2. Falcon: A flier/projectile hero. Falcon is Ok, his special only gets the enemies surrounding him. His second emote is nice, it's him and Redwing doing the chicken dance.
  3. Ms. Marvel: A flier/projectile hero. I love Ms. M, the range of her attacks is great. The special attack stuns all the enemies in the immediate area.
  4. The Thing: A Brawler hero. He has heavy resistance to injury. The design is a little ugly and the second emote has some potty humor. But I guess the kids like that.
If you're going to explore the city it's much more difficult with the non fliers. But it can be done. You can swap your characters anytime, but these are certain icons for each character that only appear when they are on screen.

Even though there are only 2 locations you can visit (Daily Bugle and The Baxter Building) You can never get enough tickets, or stop leveling up.

Speaking of tickets..


When you destroy troublebots or complete missions, you are given tickets which you can use to win gold. And then silver. But you can buy more things with gold, so I think that's more important. As a nerd I calculated that the wheel has about 300 gold coins daily, if you can win them all.

With the revision of the Beta, more heroes are available

With this you can save from day to day and buy things like new heroes and new missions. With the silver you can buy things for your HQ. But quite frankly I don't care too much about the HQ since you can't buy a room for every hero, you have to feed them from time to time and you don't interact with them.

In this game you can do 2 things..

    Doc Doom's mission is free, while Mystique's is not.
  1. Interact with the world and other players: This part of the came is the more social aspect. You can buy stuff, and interact with other online players. As you can see in the last picture (with the gold wheel) someone requested to be my friend. You can either accept or deny this.
  2. Battle the villains of the Marvel Universe: This is the meat and potatoes of the game, you can either go solo or invite up to 3 friends (if they are online). Every day there is a daily mission which changes from day to day, so you don't really have to buy all the missions but there are some good missions for leveling up. Easy bosses (Mystique) and bosses who are a pain in the backside (Ultron). Once you're done you reap the rewards.

At level 1 Falcon only has one attack strengh available.

Doctor Doom is trouble!

Adamantium metals does not yield gold coins.

In conclusion I have to say it is a fun game. And I am trying not to get addicted to playing it. One of the main reasons I do is to buy more characters (It's the collector in me) and get more missions. I don't know if i will be buying this in the future.

My younger brother was very addicted to Final Fantasy XI, and I did not like seeing him come home from work everyday just to play and then go to sleep. So I have some reservations about investing time and energy.

But if you're a kid I would say it's a good game for you. Or if you're a billionaire with lots of free time.
Since this is a beta there will be some annoying things.
  • Sometimes the frame rate will drop during boss battles. This is very annoying because if you built up your meter to adamantium, you lose energy every time you die.
  • The connection is lost a lot, but all you have to do is look back in. It's not like you loose a level, or any tickets and coins you won.
  • If you leave an enemy undefeated, sometimes you can't complete the mission. And when you jump from one place to another you can't go back.

I would recommend though to the company that makes the game that they add different styles of gameplay, like the Clone Wars Adventures. Beating up on A.I.M., the Skrulls, Hand Ninjas and Doombots gets stale after a while.

My suggestions to you as a seasoned (delicious) player.

  • Giant Man defeats enemies like crazy. So buy him when you have the chance.
  • Scarlet Witch sucks. Little range and the final part of her attack takes a while.
  • Invisible Woman has a decent projectile attack. And she can fly! It's a creative use of her power!
  • Save up your gold coins to buy heroes. This will usually take 2 days, on the 3rd day Cha-Ching!
  • The more the merrier. Make friends so you can invite them on missions. More enemies will show up so you get more to destroy.
  • Play the daily mission, so you can get a feel for each of them. That way you can buy the one you like.

Alrighty then. I'll see you at the Daily Bugle! Or The Baxter Building.

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