Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Toy Haul 04-06-11

I've picked up a couple of things until today. On Sunday I went to my local Amazing Savings store (which I have to add to my where to shop post). And I picked up a whole bunch of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight figures for $1.99.

I opened Torque because he has the coolest design, But Bandai is schizophrenic with the quality of their toys when it comes to the U.S. Market. The Mobile Suit Gundam figures were fantastic, but things like Dragonball and Teen Titans were horrible. I hope they do better with the ThunderCats license.

But the real treasure was yesterday.

I went to the Target at Queens Place and I got lucky.


I want to call what I saw the Sunfire wave, but Sunfire is in the Jean wave. So let me just list what I got excited about.

Right next to the comic packs, they had the regular figures. I found a Mystique, Sunfire and a Captain Britain, which are good figures  So that was good enough.

But when I turned around, right next to the G.I. Joes these was another vertical line of Marvel Universe figures. And what I saw made me panic.

You know the kind of panic you get when you're racing to beat someone else from taking all the good figures. (But there was no one in the aisle with me.)

There were 2 Archangels (no variants) 2 Ronin's (probably the new re-color) 2 Green Hulks, 2 Things (negative zone pants) 2 Sunfires, 1 Red Hand Ninja, 1 Havok and other figures I had seen before.

Negative Pants
I wanted to buy them all, but I took the 2 Archangels (one for Ebay and one for me) and 2 Things. I figure come Sunday if we have a sale I can get the others. But I don't own a Sunfire or a Ronin. Also I didn't save anything all 4 figures came out to like $34.00 dollars.

So be on the lookout for this new case assortment. I don't know who came with what wave but I had been wanting a Thing for the longest. Looks like the Universe came through on it's end. My niece wants one, and I didn't want to get her the comic pack. (Bulldozer is too lame to give to my nephew.)

Also I've been acused of being a scalper. This I will have to explain on another post. keep your eyes peeled.

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