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Toy Haul: 04-21-11

Seeing as my Blogger Buddy Iok, has been finding stuff at Marshall's. I decided to go out and visit Marshall's, T.J. Maxx and Lot Less to see if they had any Marvel Universe figures or Wolverine Origins figures in their stores.

I picked up the Iron Man Rolling Battle Headquarters! Ever since I saw this at Toy Fair last year I wanted it. But when I saw that Target had it for $49.99 I had to pass. Luckily good things go to those who wait, especially when it comes to movie toys. lol

Why fly when you can roll!

After looking at the back I decided that this was the perfect vehicle for my Marvel Universe figures. Since days before I had bought that skate park thing for exactly the same reason. (To take pictures of my figures with it.)

All your base belongs to us.

The Iron Man that comes with this vehicle is teh suck, but I did not buy this vehicle for the figure. The figure has a ball jointed neck, swivel shoulders. The legs are connected to the hips by a swivel joint, hinged knees and ball jointed ankles. There is some extra armor for the figure, but you don't really need it.

25 dollars is a good price, but 16.99 is better!
I also picked up a Mercenary Wraith Figure too. But this would be the 3rd time I picked that figure up. I would recommend this to any Marvel Fan since we will be getting a vehicle for Cap in the future.

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