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Toy Topic: Is Aries0083 a Scalper?!! Say it isn't so!!!!

Disclaimer: I'm going to be as passionate and red blooded about this as I can get. So excuse me if I offend anybody. I just want to explain myself.

Like they say in the movies. "It's always business, never personal."

This post is for the haters (again), and lovers (I guess) of people who sell action figures. Or are lucky enough to snag variants.

If you click on the above video while it's playing it will take you to the wonderous land of YouTube. that or you can just click the Youtibe button on the player.

In the comments section someone posted..

"What is fair about a price of $30?? Wrong is just wrong." -darthshaggy316

And I would have to interject.

I hate scalpers, I really do. Or more precisley I hate people that keep me from getting to what I want. And I'm sure it's human nature to feel that way. Like Charlie Sheen said "Winnnnning!"
If I'm hitting on a girl and some dude comes and wins her over. I'm going to be angry. If I look like Clint Howard and Kim Kardashian decides to leave with Justin Beiber. I will be angry. Can I blame her? Or even him? I can't. It is what it is. The best thing I can do as the ugliest man in Hollywood would be to upgrade my looks.

And you might be saying. "Poppycock! This is irrelevant! Justin Beiber's hair is evil!" Ok let me give you another example

Arnold Drummond, is a rich kid and his friend Dudley is a poor kid. Arnold gets to go to Harvard and just by saying he went there geta lots of jobs. Dudley went to community college, and  gets a decend job as an electrician for the MTA. Can Dudley be mad at Arnold because his mom died and now he live with a rich man? No he can't.

The point I'm trying to make here is that I have an advantage. Whether I be good looking or rich, it's an advantage I have. And yes you can hate me because I get the girl. And you can hate me because I got lots of money that I can afford an education.

But the best thing you can do is now stress over it. If you try hard enough you can achieve you're own level of success. I learned years ago to stop comparing my self to other people "Sean Long has 35 thousand subscribers, Fxfranz gets his Marvel Universe figures before me, Prime92 can afford all the kits she wants." The list goes on and on.

I have the advantage that I have a lot of stores in New York, and I also know of other locations where they sell toys and I visit them from time to time. I also have the advantage that I'm an grown adult with my own job and a steady paycheck.(All these toys will mean zilch if I get fired.)

I work the overnight shift so I don't have to drag myself out of bed to get to the store early and I have my connections with the G-Man.

Should I pick up action figures and sell them to my fellow man.? Yes I do. Should I sell it at cost plus shipping? That's up to me to decide.

I would love to sell toys to my customers at cost.  But a business doesn't work that way. I need to make more money than I spend.

In terms of variants, and chase figures. If I were to sell the ones I find at cost plus shipping of a forum. I would have no idea what people would do with them. I would be worried that the Archangel I sold to a forum member was now on Ebay for more than what I got!

When I began selling on Ebay that was one of my fears. That "Trench Coat Guy" would buy them all from me and sell them at triple the price.

Hasbro Toy Shop will sell it's figures at cost. And that's noble. But good luck getting your figures. At least they're better than Digital River!

In my previous post, I mentioned it's all about supply and demand. If stores got boxes full of Thanos or Deadpools or Archangels. This wouldn't be happening.

In the above video there was a comment I quoted (why I'm getting to that, so far into this post is anyone's guess) About fair prices.

I listed the 2 variants at $15.00 dollars, which is about $7.99 plus 5 dollars profit (not exactly) and they sold fo about 27-28 dollars. So I mentioned just putting them up on ebay with a "Buy It Now" price of 30 dollars instead of an auction.

As demand for these figures is met the prices go down on the newwer listings. It's just the nature of the beast.

I was told that this figure was selling upwards to 100 dollars on ebay!

Kamen Rider is Better!
But when I listed 2 of these they both sold for about 20 dollars. I made a profit. But not as much as I thought I would.

So in conclusion let me say this.

As a buisnessman, I have compettion. if I can get over them, by being at stores early and getting the spoils That's good for me. I know it sucks, but if every time you entered a competiion you aspired to be last place. because you don't want the guy in first place to feel bad. Then you suck in life.

Then I got this comment: "Ur the reason y real collectors can't find figures u should jus jump off the Brooklyn bridge u buster" -Quipp209

In this vlog I posted my thoughts about the subject to my subscribers. If you have a Youtube channel let me know what you think.

So Next post I will try to define what is a "Real Collector." And attidutes that make me hate so called scalpers. Stay tuned..
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