Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The G-Man Files: X-Men First Class TRU Exclusive?!!

Say it isn't so, true believer! Well it isn't.

Last week I was able to have a long chat with the G-Man about several things, but the one that's most notable is the fact that X-Men First Class toys exist (duh!) but nobody wants them.

The fans want them, but not the stores.

It seems thanks to the low sales of Thor figures (thanks a bunch) major stores are iffy on ordering X-men and Captain America figures. The only guys that are willing to invest in X-Men is TRU and I'm sure it's not out of the kindness of their hearts. (especially with the prices they put on some stuff)

So I will tell you now, don't sleep on picking up any of those X-Men figures, if you want them that is. And show your support for the sub-line.

I also learned a few more things from the G-Man..

He also went on to talk about the politics behind what he does for a living. And boy is it sucky.

Some stores will help him move merchandise but others will not. And thanks to some jerk returning Extremis Iron Men to all the Targets in our area ( I know who you are) the likelyhood  of seeing any new stuff in Target  will only be after they sell all the Iron Men. The G-man has confirmed the stores have new stuff in stock, but there's no place to put them.

He went out to say how before he went on vacation he told his boss that the Time Square store didn't have any joes for the "Rise Of Cobra" premier, and the Brian Goldman was upset, and they called him back from his vacation to fix it.

He's also had problems with shelf space, companies war over where their product gets placed. The things  Hasbro pushes the most are Beybalades and Transformers. And sometimes Target will put Backugan where the Beyblades go. It's a disaster!

He's been kicked out of 2 stores, one because he was helping a customer. The store manager told him "You're not here to help customers!"

And the other store was because he used a ladder in the stock room to get to some merchandise he needed. After waiting for help that never came!

He also said that the Target with the most sales is the one in Woodbury Long Island (Which I might have to check out). He doesn't know why but he speculates it's because of the sales tax.

He dislikes Trench, but needs him so that he can get some hard to find stuff. And he also hates the newly dubbed Trapster aka Paste Pot Pete for returning all the Iron Men.

Walmart already has it's sales planned for when the "Dark Of The Moon" movie comes out. I was like "really"?!!

I all goes to show that there's a lot going on in the toy world that we're oblivious to. I have a much greater respect for him now.
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