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Giant Size X-Men Boxset!

I finally got my grubby little scalper paws on the X-Men box set!

The retail price was $40.99, which if you calculate each figure at $7.99 would be $47.94. So I saved! well just a little bit. :(

There is a variant edition of this box set but, there were only 2 at the Toys R Us I went to, and I compared paint jobs between them and I didn't notice any variation. (But maybe Trench or Paste Pot got to them first?)

I'm wondering if I should even review this set,  the figures all has cosmetic changes that can be visible through the little window on the box. I'm familiar with the articulation of all these figures. But I also want to do a side by side comparison for the gallery.

Should I open this treasure? Or keep it boxed? Let me know.

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