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Super Hero Squad on iTunes!

If you've never seen the Super hero Squad you're missing out. If you live in the states you can watch episodes online here. But the newest episodes of the show haven't started airing the the United States, but they are on iTunes!

I was able to take some screen shots of the shows I did see. The show is very well done. And I can't believe how dark it can get despite being a kids show.

The first episode was a letdown with all the potty humor, but after getting to episode 2 it was all great from there.

The first season is on DVD, so you can play catch up there. So here are the screen caps of the episodes from season 2 I bought.

I love the face on the hammer!
We need a Marvel Universe Figure stat!
Mutant Hunting Machines, check!
Old Man Magneto
A tough Reptil
Not my favorite episode
Super Hero Squad Man Thing
Devil Dinosaur and Moonboy
Johnatan Frakes as the High Evolutionary!
2.99 isn't a bad price for these episodes, but I don't have an iPod so I don't know about investing any more money, I'm sure the show will come back to the Cartoon Network, I just don't know when.

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