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What the Marvel Specialty Store Looks Like

Last Sunday right before seeing Thor, we decided to go into the Toys R Us in Times Square. That morning, and old toy hunter that I know told me that the shop was located near the girls section?

So I went and checked.

What I found was just the leftovers of the morning's aftermath.

Can you spot the pegwarmer?
I had no luck finding the Deadpool/Taskmaster Comic Pack. And the 1st Appearance Wolverine is reminding me that the new wave was there and I missed it!

The toys are located inside the circle
It's incredible that they constructed this in the store. Because I know that I've never seen it before. They had some new stuff. I was informed some Captain America stuff leaked early. But I had no luck finding any of it.

If you look closely you can see the new War Machine!
If you're in New York check it out. But me I'm gonna wait for a sale. Except when the new Cap figures come out on Sunday, or is it Monday? I know it's next week.

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