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Dark Threat Hydra Soldier is a Dark Threat to my wallet!

Hooray! Wave 2 of the Cap movie figures is out in Toys R Us. So Far I have been picking these figures up from the Disney Store, for the elegant price of $9.95.

The regular figures are about the same price in Toys R Us, but if you're looking for a good deal try Target. But good luck finding anything that isn't..
This Guy
So on Toyark a member made a post that he had picked up the Dark Threat Hydra Soldier, and since I'm cool with The Universe I found him...and then I put him back!

Get this the price on the figure was $17.49. 17.49??!!! For a deluxe figure?!

I would rather pick up another First Class comic pack! (By the way they had the First Class minimates.)

I know that the cost of oil went up, but WOW! When it gets to expensive to collect these figures, I will be done.

By the way if you're interested Crossbones and the Red Skull are 1 per pack. But my favorite figures of the line are USAgent and Bucky Cap.

Good Hunting!

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