Thursday, June 9, 2011

Toy Topic: How much are your toys worth?

I was out doing stuff today and I ran into a old friend.

I saw this figure at a Rite Aid, I was thinking that maybe this figure was discounted, to around $3.00 but nope. $13.99. I was thinking of buying it an putting it on Ebay since this is the "crown of lies" variant. But after some research I realized that this is figure doesn't go for much.

Think your collection is as much as you think it's worth? Think again.

I want to bring up the fact that a lot of people think of toy collecting in the same way that collecting comics blew up in the 1990's.

I for one collect based on the design and functionality of the action figure, there are times that I will pick up various figures because word on the Internet says that they are rare and worth money. But the value of these toys usually is for something that was recently released.

I can quote 2 examples:

  1. Transformers movie Bumblebee (first movie)
  2. Dark Knight Movie Masters Joker
Both of these figures at their time of release were very hot in the toy market. But years later, we have loads of movie bumblebee's (even though the new head sculpt is bug eyed) and I've seen Joker in discount stores.

My personal coda is:

"What you have is only worth as much as what someones willing to pay for it."

I've had various offers on YouTube from people that want to trade for stuff that I have. But I've never been offered anything interesting.

I've covered Toy Nostalgia in this post. But I think that there are things in my collection that I bought because it looked cool, and there are things that I bought because I found them cheap.

There is such a thing as sentimental value. I remember having a Gizmo from "Gremlins" when I was young, I would put it in my backpack and go out and play. But I have no desire to but the toy, it was in the past.

For a while after I completed what I could of the Cybertron line, I tried to get back into G1. I got some commemorative toys, but I also bought some beat up toys that weren't in the best condition.

If there are any toys out there that are worth the money it's the old toys from back before people started collecting them all. As with comics I believe the real expensive toys are the ones from the 60's.

Almost everyone on the web started their collecting in the 80's, and the technology at the time didn't allow for very cool toys.

There were some lines I was interested in back when I was a child:

  • M.A.S.K
  • Bionic Six
  • Transformers
  • Thundercats
  • Silverhawks
  • G.I. Joe
But I have no desire to seek out those lines and start collecting them.

The toys of the 90's didn't fare any better in my opinion.
So those Marvel Toybiz figures, I don't want them. I don't know who would.

But then again, I'm not your average action figure collector.

If I had to sell anything old from my collection on Ebay it would be my beloved Cybertron figures.
Transformers has a huge following in the U.S. More than G. I. Joe I believe. So I know that my old sigma 6 figures wouldn't sell for much.

But right now I have stuff on eBay and in the last month I've sold some gundam models and Marvel Universe figures. I have some excellent Joe and Transformer figures up there. But they haven't sold.

Not because they aren't good figures. But because the fans already have them.

So, in conclusion. Buy what you like, because you find it awesome. Not because it's a variant and it's price will go up in the future.

If you decide to go with the second route. Sell it now while it's hot!

So, what's the most YOU have paid for something in your collection?
Mine was the Marvel legends Walmart wave. I plunked $200.00 for all of them. Do I regret it.
Nope. I never saw them at retail. THANKS WALMART!
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