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X-Men Box Set Variant Is a Disney Store Exclusive

Thanks to some info from the G-Man, I was informed that the X-Men Box Set Variant was a Disney store exclusive.

So I visit the closest Disney Store I have and LO!

Click To Enlarge!
I quickly compared both boxes, and the changes are translucent plastic on Nightcrawler, white highlights on Storm, and Colossus's yellow has been swapped out for gold.

The box set was 49.99, so I'm gonna have to wait. Out of 7 boxes in the store only one was a variant. If you're interested check it out. I still haven't opened my regular one, and I thought the price was too high.

I also found wave 2 of Captain America toys, got everyone except the surfer Cap.
They also had Marvel Select Juggernaut and Deadpool, which I plan on getting a few weeks from now.

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