Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Marvel Legends Returns! $24.99 NUB NUB!

In one of my previous post I mentioned how the return of Marvel Legends wasn't such a great thing. Mainly because of the price and it's exclusivity to Toys R Us. We all know about the furiously exclusive Wal*Mart 6 inch figures that will be released this year,which I'm sure will retail around $14.99 because they are Wal*Mart. But all I'm saying is that I would welcome the return if they were cheaper and not exclusive to any store.

Enjoy this vids of Hasbro's SDCC Exclusives which I'm pretty sure will also be NYCC Exclusives. I might pick up Thor, but everything else doesn't interest me. (More money for fancy paint and packaging?!! Gimme a break!....Of that Kit-Kat bar)

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