Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Riddle me This! Marvel Universe Collector!

As many of you know, Target has a sale on their Marvel Universe Figures. But for quite some time all the Targets in Queens, New York have been plagued by the sight of Extremis Iron Man fulling the shelves like Iron Man was going out of style!

I was told by the G-Man some months ago that this was the work of a dastardly collector, who we know personally!

Yesterday I went to the Target in Flushing and took this pic. I also scanned the figure and it said there was more in the back!

Imagine my excitement, the prospect of getting the new wave of Marvel Universe figures at a bargain! (I'm starting to be like Secret wars and end every paragraph with an exclamation point!) So I decided to "give it a go" and ask an employee for help.

I got help and was told that there were no cases, but 32 individual units. I said Ok, but I'm not gonna buy them all. After waiting a while a female employee came out with one of those little carts that has like a shelf instead of a basket. But to my detriment all she brought out were Extremis and Team X figures. SMH (Shaking My Head)

I told her I was looking to get figures that weren't those two, to complete my collection. She was visibly upset, or bored. But I thought she was upset because she went through all this trouble and I wasn't buying.
I told her that I've been to all the Targets in Queens and I see these figures everywhere. She said that they were getting these repeat figures from their main Target distribution center. I told her I thought it was someones shenanigans. So I was stumped.

My question to you is, have you seen these figures flooding your local Targets? I think the girl (as pleasant as she was) has no clue and was just feeding me a line.
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