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Transformers Dark Of The Moon Movie Review

I have heard a lot of bad things about this movie, but it was mostly fan speculation. Heck I even told the GF that in the trailer the new girl looked like she was a damsel in distress in every scene she was in.

I went to see the movie with the Silver Fox, and she fell asleep by the end of the movie (The building toppling scene).
I on the other hand did like it. It was better than the last movie (ROTF) but not as good as the first. Which it's element of a boy and his alien was the main focus.

This movie delivers with it's explosions and humor (I was amazed at the amount of times the audience laughed.) And it's a nice wrap up to the series. If Transformers does come back to theaters I see it as a reboot, like Cybertron, Energon and Prime.

We got some new character but I had no idea who they were. There was a red Car, and old robot with a bald spot and a little guy called brains. I knew who Roadbuster the Wrecker was because I've seen the toy on shelves (and if I find it cheap I'll pick it up.)And after seeing the GM trailer for Transformers, I liked what Bumblebee could do as a Transformer.

My review is a bit colored because I read a review on the blog called Kastor's Korner. But here we go!

Plot: Sam has a trouble finding a job. Meanwhile the autobots discover a crashed ship on the moon. Sentinel prime joins the crew and informs them of a cybertronian artifact that crashed with him.An autobot defects, several others bite the bullet and the humans and autobots work to stop the defector.

Once again Megatron hardly has a role in the movie.

So What's good and bad about the movie? I liked the humor of the movie, I was annoyed by Sam's tantrum at the NEST base.I don't know how Asians will feel about Deep Wang, but we all know that Michael Bay loves stereotypes. (Leo for the Hispanics and Anthony Anderson for the African Americans)

I had the misconception that Sam had joined the military since he's pointing a gun in the trailer.

The robot fights are more detailed and drawn out, so you know what's going on. Also they've all learned English (Remember Frenzy?) even Lazerbeak.

Sam's girlfriend has more lines than Mikaela ever did. I thought she would just stand around like she does in the trailers and poster. Hasbro gets major props for adding "based on Hasbro's transformers action figures" in the poster and the credits. The humans  were funnier this time.I disliked agent Simmons in the first and second movies, but I actually liked him and his German assistant. Francis McDormand was overly bossy (those are my kinder words) and John Malcovich was hilarious. I liked Wheelie because I know he's voiced by Ton Kenny.

I was also very invested in the final battle which took a long time to happen, but it was a good payoff. Plus evaporating humans!!!!

My Final Verdict? This is a big summer movie, you're supposed to see in theaters to get the most of it. I'm not looking forward to owning it on DVD, but I enjoyed the movie more than Green Lantern.

My girl liked the Captain America trailer, but I hated the trailer to Apollo 18.

It's Paranormal Activity in space. :(

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