Monday, September 26, 2011

Compound Hulk: Marvel Universe NYCC Exclusive

Halleluya! An exclusive just for me!
It's Impossible, man!
On Marvel's Facebook page they announced this exclusive figure. And while it's just a repaint if the Red Hulk, it's not an exclusive that was lame like the Sentinel, or Marvel Legends Thor that eventually will see the light of a public release.

Fist bumping all NYCC Atendees
For $11 dollars, you can get this bad boy at the convention. Or later on, you can get it on ebay. :) My biggest fear is that since it was announced on Marvels' Facebook and not Hasbro's that this will be the figure you get for $11 dollars AFTER you sign up for a digital subscription.
An Homage to Composite Superman I'm sure.
 Now don't get me wrong, my plan this year was to get the X-Force Archangel, which was also a stupid repaint, but was a cool one and of a rare character that is still appearing in Uncanny X-Force. I don't think this Compound Hulk is worth the subscription.

Another thing of note, is that the artwork on the card is done by Ed McGuiness. Which leads me to believe that the next series of Marvel Universe art will be done like him. Since he will be doing the Marvel Legends card art also. Like the Diceman says.."It's a beautiful thing."

So let me know do you guys like it or hate it? Is it worth a subscription?

It was also asked if you like Red Hulk or Green Hulk, I love Red Hulk. He reminds me of Mr. Fixit which is one of my favorite incarnations of the Hulk as well as the Smart Hulk. So who's your favorite and why? I'd love to know.
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