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The Goblin Wave?!!

In the past when ever I would find new figures, I would dub them waves (like Jean Wave, Bucky Wave) but I have seen the light! Well..I mean I know of the official designations of these waves as retailers know it.

Using the combined might of Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth I know reveal to you the new wave!!!

Wave 14 Revision 2!! Is in New York!!

How can I tell?

While looking for some stuff in T.J. Maxx and Marshall's (Gigantic Battles for $9.99!!) I went into a nearby Toys R Us and I saw Hulk and the Green Goblin. They were 9.98, so I decided to pass. But If I find Ms. Marvel and Thanos I will pick them up.

Carol Danvers I love you!!

So if you need any of these figures start checking your local Toys R Us. Good Luck!

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