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Marvel Select Disney Stores Exclusives In Hand!!

I didn't buy any of them.But I saw these at the Disney Store in Times Square New York. After the jump, I'll tell you why...

Out of the 3 of them Hawkeye is the best. He comes with an arrow that has the wasp sitting on it. Why tiny people love riding his arrows is a mystery to be. It must be the breeze.

Anyways, Thor and Cap's heads are funny looking. Kinda like Magneto and Deadpool. Thor has the fat head like Deadpool did, and Cap has this weird expression on his face.

I didn't see the Black Widow. So the verdict is still out on her.

I own a few Marvel Selects but if there is anything that I look for in these figures is face sculpts. I picked up the Watcher and Thanos to put them with my Marvel Legends. I can still use Uatu with my Marvel Universe figures. I still want to get that old Black Cat. I heard her lady lumps were made out of squishy plastic. Hmmm Squishy.

So I recommend you look at these in person before you buy them if your interested.

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