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Toys R Us Big Book Action Figure Sale! Oct 30-Nov 23

Hey look! I will eagerly stock up on the Avengers figures with base. They will come in handy when reviewing comic packs and 3 packs!

Series 3 Wave 5 (Wave 16) Marvel Universe Figure Review SD

Star Wars 2 Day Toys R Us Sale! Oct 28-29

Marvel Universe Wave 16 is here!

I picked up the wave today. Expect a long review tomorrow.

I Picked Up The New Thor Figure With Base!

I'm re-editing this post because the first time I did it, was through my phone, and some elements didn't appear.

This is basically the same Series 2 Thor, (who is also a pegwarmer) with some different paint apps. He's got black gloves and a gold line going down the center of his loincloth. The base lights up but not enough to illuminate the front of the figure.

At 20 dollars a pop, this is a no go. Just like the hall of armor I expect these to go on clearance in the future. But knowing TRU it will be a long time coming. BUY LOW!

I haven't seen any reviews on Youtube so that means the fans aren't biting. I wanted Hulk but he was sold out. Depending on the molds of the next figures this line will either thrive or die.

Target Action Figure Sale!! Oct 16-22

I'm going to New York Comic Con, but that doesn't mean you can't get lucky either.
Includes Marvel Universe, Star Wars, Transformers. Don't know if G.I.Joes count.

Marvel Select Disney Store Exclusives

If you're in New York City for Comic Con, I would recommend you visit the Disney store at Times Square. The store closes at midnight everyday so there is no rush!

X-23: Marvel Universe Figure Review

I know lots of you guys are asking, "Didn't you review this figure in that long video you posted?" and I would say "Yes, I did! But there are some people out there that would prefer reading my review, than spending 40 min watching one." I've decided that I will only take a look of the figures that I circled out on my check list before they were released. So from wave 15 we will be looking at X-23 and Commander Rogers.

Toys R Us and Target Sales for the week of Oct, 9th 2011

There you have it. Not my cup o' tea, but I'm sure somebody will appreciate the effort.

Power Man and Iron Fist: Marvel Universe Comic Pack Review

Marvel Universe Wave 15 Revision List

I love to share useful information, as long as it doesn't affect me negatively. So here is the first of my posts that share the revision information so that you're not doing what I did and call the "Bucky" or "Jean" waves.

Hasbro Toy Shop Free Shipping On Orders Over $25

Star Wars Toys R Us Sale-Sun Oct, 2nd -Oct 8Th

Not my cup of tea, but I'm sure some of my readers out there are!

Marvel Universe Power Man & Iron Fist Review