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Marvel Select Disney Store Exclusives

If you're in New York City for Comic Con, I would recommend you visit the Disney store at Times Square. The store closes at midnight everyday so there is no rush!

Way prettier than the movie version
I have 3 Marvel Select figures that are unopened.

  1. Juggernaut
  2. Modern Thor
  3. Gambit (short hair version)
I need one to go with Thor. I didn't like exclusive Cap and Bucky Cap has no ears. So I'm thinking either Hawkeye or Black Widow.

He has a flat head like Deadpool
Ol' Timey Thor has a flat head. It's the perfect width, but no depth. I prefer my modern "Fabio" Thor.

Earth's mightiest heroes plays in the reflexion!
One more day and I'll be at NYCC!

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