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X-23: Marvel Universe Figure Review

I know lots of you guys are asking, "Didn't you review this figure in that long video you posted?" and I would say "Yes, I did! But there are some people out there that would prefer reading my review, than spending 40 min watching one." I've decided that I will only take a look of the figures that I circled out on my check list before they were released. So from wave 15 we will be looking at X-23 and Commander Rogers.

Card Art by Simone Bianchi
Why Did I Buy This Figure?: We already had a failed attempt at a female Wolverine (Wild Thing anyone?). But what makes Laura unique is her lack of understanding of humanity. That and her dedication to the mission. So to complete my X-Force team I needed this figure. That and I wanted to see what the new female body worked like.
Background Info
Where Did I Buy This Figure?: I got this at Target for the low-low price of $9.98 (seems 10 dollars is the SRP for these). I was lucky enough to find the whole wave in one fell swoop. Since Christmas is close approaching I think it would be wise to get these figures before they are replaced by another wave.

Little People Trapped in Plastic Bubbles
Face Sculpt: I like the face sculpt and the plastic hair on this figure. Most female figures have wild windswept hair, or weird face sculpts but I like this one. Out of all the female figures I like her and Marvel Girl. the other women are workable, but not pretty. Remember kids there are no Clint Howards in comics!

Pardon my dust!
2 Pronged Attack!
Accessories: Since her weapons are already attached to her arms, all you get or can count as an accessory is the base! I was thinking that maybe they should start incuding mini comics with the Marvel Universe figures. Like Mattel did with He-Man and Kenner with the Super Powers in the 80's

All Your Base Belong To Me!
Articulation:  You get..

  • Ball Hinged Neck
  • Mid Torso Swivel
  • Ball Jointed Shoulders
  • Ball Jointed Elbows (A absolute feat of technology!!)
  • Swivel Wrists
  • Ball Jointed Hips
  • Swivel Thighs
  • Double Jointed Knees
  • Swivel Calves
  • Rocker Ankles (I've heard them called that I like that term)
Speed lines not included.

Who wants some of this!

Laura! Dinner!

Who forgot to put up the wet paint sign??!!
Final Verdict: I really like this figure. So much that I got another, and put one on Ebay to share the love. She's essential to completing one of the best X-teams out there. I like the silver paint, even if there is a bit of slop. The claws are very durable, and not bendy. She has a very feminine shape despite the breaks from the joints. 

Should You Buy This?: Yes! Of course because it's a new female body. My reason behind that is when Hasbro uses it again, (and they will) you know what your expecting. The old female buck is still workable, but one point that a lot of Marvel Universe collectors don't like are the hip joints. After a while moving the legs you'll get them to work. 

Then again like with Gladiator it also depends if you like the character or not.

The figure will be re-released in Wave 15 revision cases so she shouldn't be to hard to find.

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