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Aries0083's Action Figure Store 35 Percent Off Sale!

3.75 Inch Action Figure Sale Toys R Us Nov,20-23

Not the greatest of sales, but since there are none for Black Friday. You take what you get.

Toys R Us Doorbuster Sale Nov 18-19

These are the sales I find interesting. But I'm not too excited about it.

Transformers 2 Toys R Us Black Friday Sale

On their Facebook page Toys R Us (the one that says retail and consumer merchandise) revealed theBlack Friday flier. The only item of interest to me is this one.

X-Men First Class Comic Pack For $8.90!

This is only at Toys R Us Times Square.The only set I saw clearanced was the Marvel Girl Cyclops one. There was also the Shatterstar/ Cannonball Minimate pack for $3.90.

It's a shame we didn't see any more First Class Comic Packs like I would have wanted.

Transformers Toys R Us sale! Nov 13th-19th! Target Nov 13-Dec 23!

Gotta love those dumb transformer toys. Can't get enough of bayformers going on sale. Meh. But if you like them knock yourself out.

Target's wasn't in the flyer, but in the store. Deluxe figures are $9.99 form the unwantable $14.99.
And if you're actually still reading this.

Marvel Universe Toys R Us Sale Nov 11-12th

Just 2 days! stock up while you can!!!

Marvel Universe Collector Figures With Light Up Base SD

Toy Haul: Future Foundation and Guardians Of The Galaxy at Toys R Us.

I had already picked up The regular (pegwarming) Fantastic Four Team Pack. So imagine my surprise when I went to the Times Square Store and Found these!

Target Action Figure Sale! Nov 6-12th

Wonder Man & Quicksilver/Bullseye & Daredevil Comic Packs At Hasbro Toy Shop!

But buy the time they ship, I'm sure they will be in stores!

Star Wars Toys R Us 2 day Sale! Nov 4th-5th

November Action Figure Sale!