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That's just Prime! TRU Sale Dec 23-24

I love Christmas! it's no longer a sad holiday because of all the new stuff that starts showing up! And the Toy Sales! Next  week I expect a 2 for 11.99 sale. And I've been looking for the Mr. Sinister/Adam Warlock comic packs. But instead I found the Gladiator from the revision case. And the last of the Iron Man 2 figures! (whiplash, mandarin, etc).

Happy Hunting! And thanks to the people who have bought from my store.

TRU Friday and Saturday Sales Dec 16-17

I've been out of it for a while. But I wish I can find some new figures in Toys R Us at this sale price.

3 Dollars Off Everything in the Store!! From Today Till Monday The 19th!

Click on the Ebay box on this blog or follow the link!!

Marvel Universe Thoughts Part 2

Marvel Universe Thoughts Part 1