Monday, February 6, 2012

Halo Mega Blocks Series Target Sale! From 2/5 - 2/18

My very own first Halo sale!!! LOLZ

I'm not a Lego kind of guy. I don't have the time anymore to build Gundams. So I most definately don't have time for Mega Blocks. Even thought I think the vehicles are cool. I'm sure McFarlane's Micro Ops will fix that niche.

The bind packaged figures are cool and now uber cheap. I hate blind packaged stuff ( I used to collect Gashapon) But you don't need to be blind any more.

Here are some codes that can help you distinguish which figures are in the bag:

Mega Block Hero Packs series 3

Mega Blocks Hero Packs Series 4

So far I got a Brute, a Marine, an ODST and a Pilot Elite.

Like Mikey, you should try them you might like them. And with figures going up in price. This is a good way to collect and save.

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