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Halo Reach - Series 6 now in Stores!!

This whole month I have been hunting for the Halo Reach series 6 figures, and after a month of looking and hoping... they have landed!

Well at Toys R Us at least...very interesting.

They only thing I found at this particular toys R Us in Valley Stream Long Island were these 2 box sets. At a whopping $45.99!

I can see changing that mush for the 3 packs. But as you can tell one set comes with 2 figures (which I want), and the other just has 1!! ( I will wait for a sale!)

Sadly, I had to pass on this. I mean it's too much! (By the way I will make another post regarding that.)

The next day I decided to visit the Toys R Us in College Point Queens. And I found the sing carded figures, except for the Brute and the Elite. But to my surprise toys R Us raised the price on these already 18 dollar figures to 19 dollars!

I decided to pass. I'm sure when Target gets these I would save at least 5 dollars. Today I decided to just do it and buy some of the carded figures. 3 in fact for a crazy total sum of 60 dollars.

But if you really wanted these, they are out there. I guess when McFarlane says Febuary they mean the end of the month. Anthony's Customs (The guy who reviewed the box sets) gave me the DCPI for these 2 sets. And Target had them in stock! Sadly when they finally brought them out (I had to wait at least 30 min!) what they had was the "Fearless Leaders" and "Master Chief Evolutions" sets.

But at least it was 30 dollars.

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