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Noble Six - Halo reach Figure Review

Where and How Much: (Version 1) Rite Aid $13.99, (Version 2 with Hologram) Target $26.98.
Also Available: (With Mongoose) Target $19.99

WHO: Noble Six is the codename of the of the character you control in the game Halo Reach. You can customize the figure to your liking but this is the default configuration of the character...Well sort of, as you will see in the review there are 2 versions of the same character in the toy line. No female version yet!

This is what Hyper-Lethal looks like!

THOUGHTS: Although this wasn't the first Halo Reach figure I picked up (that honor belongs to Carter) I was kind of 2 minds about which one I should get. There were 2 ways to get him out there. There is the one that comes with SPOILER and the mongoose and then there was the version that came with a quote on quote "hologram" which looks more like it's active camouflage if it wasn't for the little tint of blue in the torso.

That decision was made easy by the fact that I found the ODST Jetpack Trooper with the dirty mongoose. So I got the Hologram version.

There was one thing that stood out to me when I was gonna purchase the figure. The hologram version doesn't come with the knife! I thought it might have came of the figure and was in the packaging. But a quick look at the rest and I saw none of them had any knives.

Now, I wasn't collecting these when these figures first came out so I don't know if there was an uproar about the design of version 1 and the articulation problem it has. But fans do love to complain, so I imagine there was some uproar.

But I didn't care I had Noble Six.

WHY: I'm a collector, you see that blurb on the packaging that says "Collect Them ALL!" that's for me, not for the little kid that has an allowance, the same kid most collectors say that scalpers take figures from. (although the packaging does say 8+). I'm a completest. That's why I can only collect one toy line at the time. Just like my love affair with NERF, I think I'll stick with the line until I'm disenchanted with it.

My other reason was that he was a member of Noble Team, and I want to get them all, plus I like black.

My reason to drop the Marvel Universe line was mostly born out of my lack of finding any new product. By the end of December I decided to drop Marvel Universe when my brother suggested Halo mini figures for my nephew for Christmas. (I got him Minimates, but then I saw my nephew also had Halo Mega Bloks)

The next day I got Dutch from the Halo Anniversary line and I picked up the UNSC Marine from a Rite Aid. And I was hooked! I also noticed a difference in height.

I liked the fact that for a few dollars more you get a slightly bigger figure and a more heftier one. One that feels like it's made out of sturdier plastic with ratcheted joins and weapons that they can keep on their person (although the marine mold has no swivel elbows and can't hold the rifle with 2 hands). Add to that the ability to interchange armor between the Spartans of the line (Something I didn't realize with Carter). And you have a long living diverse toy line.

Marvel Universe 10.99-Halo Reach $13.99-$14.99

In a world where I've heard complaints about the extras that come with Marvel Universe (in Series 4 all you get is any accessories which is different from when the line began). This comparison in price is a good thing.

There is an incredible attention to detail thanks to the fact that this figures are sculpted from the 3D models from the actual game with a 3D printer (if you're a Gundam fan you know what this is) Amazing!!!

SCULPT: As illustrated in the videos above you get a perfect sculpt. A lot of reviewers love to complain that the hands are sculpted to hold a cup. I believe that's because the 3D model has the hands that way.

If you didn't have to move these figures they would be awesome statues. There is the addition of the combat knife later on, but the only difference between the figure is the head and the paint job. The rest is the same.

Version 1
Version 2
Side By Side Comparison

Paint makes a big difference!

ARTICULATION:  I already had previous experience with McFarlane toys and their joints (Which wasn't good) There were issues of loose joints and pieces falling out (Dutch's hand came off out of the package)

So I was a little hesitant on going and collecting these figures. But as I read and watch various Halo figure review I learned that McFarlane Toys raised the quality control of their Halo figures. So older molds still have a problem whereas the new ones don't.

I for one am glad that the joints are made of sterner stuff. (Just like Optimus assumed.)

Word Assault 2 Electric Boogaloo!

When you have a lot of articulation sometimes it can be a bad thing. But the only joint I see as unnecessary is the mid foot ball joint. Ask any collector out there about getting his figures to stand, and you'll see that action figures in general can't stand well without any assistance. Most Transformers and Gundams can because of their flat robot feet.

Because of the hefty plastic these figures are made out of, they are a bit top heavy. But if you position the center of gravity just right you can get them to stand most of the time.

(Hmmm..maybe if someone came out with the idea of making cast metal feet on their figures, they would stand better! Stop the presses! I gotta go register this!)

There is some limitation in how much the knee can bend, and this has been corrected in later waves. Old Carter and new Unhelmeted Carter have different knee joints (But it's not much of a difference.)

Ver 2 to the left, Ver 1 to the right

The double ball jointed head allows for great movement, and interchangeability! Sadly on one of my Caboose figures The peg is a little tall and he has a long neck.There is also one of these dumbbell looking pieces in the figures thighs, which leads me to believe that they used the wrong one for the neck.

This thigh joint (which is double jointed also) allows for the figures to be able to sit well enough to ride vehicles. So they can spread their legs outwards.

FINAL VERDICT: I've quickly become a fan of McFarlane's Halo Reach figures. I've I haven't found any problems in the ones I have purchase yet (thank goodness!).

I have seen in various older written and video reviews that the Halo 3 figures had a lot of problems breaking as soon as they have gotten out of the package. They are not compatible with the reach figures so it's not a big issue for me.

I'm a fan of the armor designs of Halo Reach so I'm visually attracted to them. But people have different tastes, some people like the Crysis figures I don't. So it's a matter of taste. Me, I'm a design guy!

If you're interested in trying out the Halo figures I would suggest you get one you like that's currently in stores. I started with Carter, and I wasn't impressed. I regret that now because one of the figures I need is Emile, I saw him in Target around the time I got carter and held off on buying him and Jorge. But now I can't find him in stores.

In my humble opinion these figures are well made, good sculpt, all of them always have accessories (even if it is the same rifle/grenade combo as the other guy). They have enough articulation that they aren't statues and for now they are moderately priced in all the stores I've seen the in. (Except for Toys R Us which has these for $18.49) You can also find some of these on sale if you follow my blog.

Noble Six is on sale at McFarlane Toys store for $8.99 shipping will bring the price up to about $20.00, but as I have mentioned before I recommend getting one from the store. Jorge (unhelmeted) is warming Rite Aid store pegs and Carter (unhelmeted) is warming pegs in Targets everywhere.

Series 6 should be hitting stores later this month so you'll have more Spartans for the picking. And the Halo Reach line is currently available at Toys R Us, Target, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Barnes and Nobles everywhere.

So Try it. I'm sure you'll like it.

Aries0083 out.

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