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Halo Anniversary series 2 review

Not My Review. I have to say I'm wishing the spartans are reach size.

Halopalooza! At Toys R Us!

Not a Hoax! Not a Sale!

No Pics Though. lol

Since Halo Reach is on it's way out to make room for  Halo 4 and Halo Universe, we will be seeing more stuff on sale. Which is good for me, since I just started collecting. The only bad thing is that most of the stuff I already have.

Armor Permutations - Halo Reach Video Series

Halo Reach Sale! Target till April 7

The Universe delivers! Just in time for Tax day and Easter. Other figures are also on sale, just read the rest of the post...

Carter - Halo Reach Figure Video Review

Articulation - Halo Reach Video Series

Kat - Halo Reach Figure Review


Kat Series 2 Kmart $14.49 (although mine had a $12.49 tag on it)/Rite Aid $13.99

Kat (unhelmeted) Series 6
Toy R Us $17.49-$19.49

 Spartan Air Assault (Female) Series 3
Kmart $12.99/Rite Aid $13.99

Halo Reach Series 4 coming to Target?! Box Sets in Stores, And Dutch's laser!

So since I've been a bit burned out from going to Rite Aids looking for Halo, I decided to turn to Target. Next up will be Toys R Us, but with their price point I'm not looking forward to that.

So I went to 2 Targets and to my surprise, I saw the Brute Minor looking at me..

 The first time was at a never before visited target in Harlem..

Halo Reach Dispay Stands?

After seeing this picture...

I noticed the clear square attached to the Brute Majors foot, and I decided.."I can do that!" So the next change I had I went into Target and bought something called "Scotch Restickable Strips" and they can hold object up to 3lbs.

Boy was I in!

Size Comparison - Halo Reach Video Series

I love the Halo Reach line of figures from McFarlane Toys. I don't know why I didn't jump on the bandwagon earlier.

But I've always gotten into toy lines after or near the end of their run. I don't know why, it just is.


The History Of Halo Reach (playlist)

I've scoured Youtube in search of the videos that descrip the in game history of the world of Halo. Total runtime is 1 hour 5 min. Enjoy!

"What are you waiting for aren't you gonna click this damned link?!

Toys R Us Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off! March 11th-17th

Halo Reach Series 6 Case Assortment TRU

Just some information for my fellow Halo Reach fans...

Just yesterday I was in Valley Stream Long Island, and I went into the Toys R Us there, and found a case of the figures. I had been in the store just a few weeks ago and only found the box sets.

What they had in the store was..

Good Luck Out There, Mr. David Vonner.

You done good..

Toy Topic: How Far Are You Willing To Go To Save Money On Toys?

My female friend brought up this subject, not exactly like I put it in the title. But I never thought about it, until now.

So let me begin..

Sadly figures that are exclusive to a store have to be bought at the price that the store has them. So that's a given. This here Spartan Security was 18 dollars and change, they raised the price on the figures so the exclusive Hazop will be 19 dollars and change.