Saturday, March 17, 2012

Halo Reach Series 4 coming to Target?! Box Sets in Stores, And Dutch's laser!

So since I've been a bit burned out from going to Rite Aids looking for Halo, I decided to turn to Target. Next up will be Toys R Us, but with their price point I'm not looking forward to that.

So I went to 2 Targets and to my surprise, I saw the Brute Minor looking at me..

Picture was taken at Home.
 The first time was at a never before visited target in Harlem..

They had Jorge and a Marine on the peg along with the Brute and their computer said they had more in stock. So I asked one of the employees to help me out. I was ready for the line that was given to me in the Atlantic Terminal target. (Segway ahead!)

I had gone to the Atlantic terminal store a few months back (and after what was told to me I haven't been back since) and all they had were the armor packs from series 5, the computer said they had more in stock, but when I confronted an employee she said (after I mentioned I was looking for the spartan operator) that all they had in the back were armor packs. Without even checking.

I was pissed! Not visually though, I had a series 4 cardback with me and I wanted to whip it out and have them scan it and say hey these are in stock, can I get the Elite General.

Unlike Toys R Us, Target has one general SKU for all their items. When I was given the DCPI for this...
Picture taken after the fact!

What they pulled out from the back was this..

Picture taken at K-Mart
So I haven't been back to the Atlantic Terminal (I will be using Targets Name for these stores from now on) store since..

Anyway..where was I? Oh..Brutes..

So the guy went to the back and he brought out the Grunt from Series 4 and the Elite General. That's right folks the much coveted and now repainted General was found.

And yesterday I went to the Flushing Target (aka Skyview mall) and look what was wating for me..

Can I get a lift home..said the Brute
The good thing was that there was more Halo stuff for 13.69 (almost Rite Aid prices) the bad thing was that the Universe figures have gone up to $14.69. And the mongooses went up to $24.99 from $19.99. I've seen this price change in all the targets I've visited.

Another good thing is that Halo Anniversary Series 2 is out and should be in the back when you scan anniversary figures at Target. How do I know? Entertainment Earth.

Spirit of Fire Spartans
Generator Defense + Spirit Spartans

So it looks like Target instead of getting Series 6 they are getting Series 4. Which makes sense since I never recall seeing Jorge in Targets, I remember Jun, but not Jorge or that Exclusive EVA Spartan.

I does worry me though, because a lot of times the last line in a series turns out to be the hardest one to find.
I mean Series 6 is in Toys R Us. But I was hoping to collect my series t a better price point.

In other news, it looks like Dutch gets a new better painted Spartan Laser!!

This was found at a Barnes and Noble (team)!
That's it for now.
See Ya In The Toy Aisles!
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