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Halo Reach Series 6 Case Assortment TRU

Just some information for my fellow Halo Reach fans...

Just yesterday I was in Valley Stream Long Island, and I went into the Toys R Us there, and found a case of the figures. I had been in the store just a few weeks ago and only found the box sets.

What they had in the store was..

2x Unhelmeted Jun
2x Hazop (TRU Exclusive)
1x Unhelmeted Kat
1x Brute Major
1x Elite Zealot
1x Sabre Pilot

1 Case in the wild!

2 Hazops and 2 Juns

Kat and the undesireble Sabre Pilot

And the Covy's

 Which I think is a very logical case assortment. However Entertainment Earth's assortment is as follows..

2x Kat Unhelmeted
2x Jun unhelmeted
2x Brute Major with spike rifle and plasma grenade
1x Elite Zealot with concussion rifle and plasma grenade
1x Sabre Pilot Custom Male with DMR

This case does not have any exclusives so we get an extra Kat (To warm the pegs for later) and Brute (which is a good thing).

The smart move is to short pack the Sabre Pilot. I love the Marines, but a lot of people have issues with the elbow articulation. I on the other hand say "Just give them Magnums and everyone will be happy" And I wish they could do the Star Wars thing and have a African-American soldier too.

Or they could just cover up the visor. But I think the clear visor is cool and unique.

I like the unhelmeted figures. Jorge has become a pegwarmer, but he's still a good figure. Carter is my favorite since he's the leader. (I was thinking of adding a custom goatee and saying it's me if I stayed indoors and just played with my figures lol).

"Don't even think about it, I don't look Hispanic" says Carter

Surprisingly Series 2 Kat is becoming easy to find. Ever since I started exploring Rite Aid Stores, I've seen her quite a few times. So Toys R Us gets a win from me, with their decision to pack her 1 per case. And since you can tell she's clearly a girl now, little boys won't buy her as quick.

I like her though. And I will be happy to see her warm the pegs.

Kat is strangely serene. No more stress right baby?

The clear winner is Jun, in all my travels I was lucky enough to find him in a Rite Aid in Grand Central Station of all places! But I have never found him again. I remember seeing him on the pegs at Target, along with the MP. He's the only Noble figure my brother is missing, so I would love to find one.

McFarlane obviously knew that he was a hard/hot figure to get. (Although one reviewer said that that Jun warmed the pegs in his town)

Not this Unhelmeted Jun, the other Jun!

I know that Target will have their own exclusive, and I want to see there case assortment. I hope it's as good as Toys R Us, because heaven knows that I've only seen the Series 5 Spartan Operator once, and that was when I bought it.
I'm also curious to see how things will play out with Walgreens, the newest store to carry Halo figures.

  • Will they start carrying from Series 1
  • How much will their figures be? 13.99? 11.99? 14.99? or 18.99?
  • Will the exclusive really sell?
I've been able to find the Hazop at all the Toys R us that carry Series 6

"..It's the question of my life." Kat, Halo Reach

See Ya In The Toy Aisles!

Edit: Another thing that worries me is that this is the last wave of Reach figures. It is known across the collecting community that the last wave of figures are usually hard to find. So don't wait you might just regret it.

It would be nice if Mcfarlane didn't let the line die. Those Halo Universe figures aren't compatible with my favorite line.

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