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Size Comparison - Halo Reach Video Series

I love the Halo Reach line of figures from McFarlane Toys. I don't know why I didn't jump on the bandwagon earlier.

But I've always gotten into toy lines after or near the end of their run. I don't know why, it just is.


Dutch is from the Halo 3 scale, the rest are from Halo Reach

UNSC the place to be! Side by side comparison.

Dutch, the UNSC Marine and a Female Air Assault Spartan

Female Air Assault and the Mark V Male Spartan III next to Jorge a Spartan II

It's the chow line!

Jorge and the Covenant minus the Grunts.
Push the human off the ledge!

Covenant Conga line!

The Covenant with the Brute Chieftain

The Brute Chieftain without the headdress

The Brute  Chieftain is happy to be in the picture with Jorge.

Brute Chieftain with Jorge

Brute Chieftain with Spartan Gungnir

Brute Chieftain with UNSC Marine

Brute Chieftain with Dutch from Halo 3 ODST

Religious Zeal!


Why you leaving? Come back!

Yeah! You like us!

The Noble Team members I have so far

Unhelmeted (a word that doesn't exist in spell check) Carter joins the mix. I didn't have Jun of Fake Emile yet.

Halo Reach ODST with Mega Bloks ODST

ODST Jetpack Trooper with UNSC Marine

The humans of Halo Reach are about the same size

I love the variety in the scale of this line. It's one thing when you take a look at the Marvel Universe and you see that Hulk, Thanos and Juggernaut are all the same size. And then you look at the Halo Reach line and the 3 different aliens are 3 different sizes.

I know that there are different bucks for the Marvel Universe line but for 13.99 you can get a figure as massive as the Brute Chieftain? That's amazing!

See Ya In The Toy Aisles!

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