Thursday, March 29, 2012

Halopalooza! At Toys R Us!

Not a Hoax! Not a Sale!

No Pics Though. lol

Since Halo Reach is on it's way out to make room for  Halo 4 and Halo Universe, we will be seeing more stuff on sale. Which is good for me, since I just started collecting. The only bad thing is that most of the stuff I already have.

Generator Defense $34.99

Not a big fan of green

Only place you will find the Pilot figure

Hazop is coming for you!

I love translucent figures, you get to see the inner workings

So on my latest trip to TRU I scanned some stuff. I made it a habit to scan stuff that I want just in case there is a secret sale. And more often than likely there is!

  • Halo Reach Series 5 scans at $12.98 (I picked up another Spartan Security) That's cheaper than Rite Aid prices!
  • Halo Reach Series 4 scans at $14.98
  • Halo Reach Infection and Spartan Specter sets are $34.99 (That price is on par with K-Mart's 3pk sets)
  • Halo Reach 2 Packs are $24.98 (Looking forward to picking up that Grenadier, Spartan Loadout and Medic/Radio ones).
The minimate Warthogs are also on sale as well as the previously mentioned gauss cannon and rocket launcher accessories.

When I scanned these items they did not come up as clearance, or sale. So the Target sale takes priority, and then Toys R Us.

See ya in the toy aisles!
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