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Kat - Halo Reach Figure Review


Kat Series 2
Kmart $14.49 (although mine had a $12.49 tag on it)/Rite Aid $13.99


Kat (unhelmeted) Series 6
Toy R Us $17.49-$19.49

 Spartan Air Assault (Female) Series 3
Kmart $12.99/Rite Aid $13.99

WHO: Catherine -B320 is the second female spartan in the Halo Universe.

 This is not including players who customize their characters. The honor of being the first goes to Alice from Halo Wars, but I don't think she talked much (or at all) and you couldn't tell she was female if not for the name.

Alice? Are you sure it's not Alex?

The female Air Assault Spartan (hereon referred to as Rose) on the other hand is hot pink. So unless you really really like pink, then you have to be a female under this armor. it also helps that you can distinguish some hips.

THOUGHTS: So Dabid's blog mentioned that he didn't like Carter because he wasn't much of a leader, that Kat did most or the planning. In Carter's defense in the game he asks you to take point (go first) a lot, but that's the point of the game. If the game didn't let you roam free that would be a bad game. Imagine getting some sort of penalty if you ever walked past Carter, that would suck right?

The second point in Carter's defense is that according to Bungies' website it seems the death of Thom affected him, so when things turn from bad to worse he's distraught.

But anyway this isn't about Carter, but about Kat.

Kat is kinda harsh to used a more user friendly word. I'm sure as a female spartan she's been given lip about not being strong enough. But she makes up for it in brains.

Rose on the other hand can't defend herself from muggers.

WHY DID I BUY THIS FIGURE?: Kat is part of noble team she's the intelligence specialist, in the game she shows a knack for hacking into stuff. he signature arm comes from a injury she sustained in battle.

So you can't have noble team if you're missing a team member. And she's a female figure which makes here a rarity already. Even though it doesn't make her less of a peg warmer in some places.

The female Spartan on the other hand was the first female spartan I bought. There's a pretty funny story to that...

On one of my many toy runs to Rite Aids I found both Kat and Rose. And I told myself: "Self, you're gonna order that awesome Noble Team Box set, so get Rose.

That was in January, and I still haven't bought the box set.

I decided one day to go pick up Kat at the Rite Aid I saw her at. And whoops! She was gone.

I don't know if it's happened to you, but when I leave something thinking it won't sell and I come back another day to see it's gone, I get upset.

But after being upset, if I find it again, no matter how many times I will buy it for fear that I won't see it again. That is why I have 3 Kat's. That, and I have 1 on Ebay. So I can really appreciate the figure.

Halo Reach $ 12.49-19.69/Marvel Legends $14.99-20.99

Ok, so for this review I'm gonna take on a new contender MARVEL LEGENDS!! Right now I've seen some figures in stores, and while I like the $14.99 Marvel Legends price in Target all I can find is Klaw or Iron Man, or Constrictor Peg warmers all of them.

 If I find Thor or Steve they would win out versus the Halo Reach line. But I haven't seen series 6 in Target yet.

Marvel Legends are larger and they come with a Build A Figure piece, so in term of value Marvel legends wins!! In Target stores anyway.

In Toys R Us, they would also be almost side by side in value. Marvel Legends cost around $22.99 and right now they have sale that's buy 1 get 1 50% off. And series 2 is hitting pegs.

But in terms of character selection Series 6 only has the Sabre pilot that I don't like.

On the other hand Marvel Legends has a lot of figures I don't want. I would love the BAF's especially Zola, but from series 1 I only want Thor and Cap, from series 2 I only want Bucky Cap and maybe Spidey, Dakken and Fantomex.

So Halo Reach wins in terms of character selection. In Toys R Us. And Halo Reach is cheaper! :)

SCULPT: I'm not a fan of the Air assault helmet. I think it's too bland. The visor is silver, which I think only the air assaults have silver visors. Hat has an attachment on her helmet, while Rose does not.

Also Kat's head is rounder than Rose's, so you can't say Rose is a straight repaint.

And strangely enough Rose does not have holes for any shoulder armor attachment.

As for the unhelmeted head, it looks OK. But like with Jorge and Carter they can't get the likeness right. But it's a cute head.

ARTICULATION: Kat and Rose have the standard female articulation. Kat's arm has less points of articulation than her normal arm. I'm not a fan of the robot arm as it's one of the reasons I was hesitant to buy the Spartan Gungnir. All you get is a ball jointed shoulder, a one hinge elbow and a swivel upper arm.

These female Spartans don't have the mid foot joint the other Spartans have, so they stand better. (To an extent), Kat also has the weirdest leg design I've ever seen. I think Bungie created it that way, so she could walk girly. But the legs are not straight. And since McFarlane Toys uses the 3D renders  from the games we got this...

ACCESSORIES: Kat comes with the magnum and a grenade and a datapad attached to her leg. It's well fastened, but little effort you can detach it. You will also have trouble attaching it back, like I did. Because it was glued before.

Rose comes with a grenade and an assault rifle, the basic gun and run assortment. (I'm gonna coin that phase, and be famous in a year. Gun = rifle and Run = grenade because you have to run after you throw one.)

FINAL VERDICT: I really like the Unhelmeted version of Kat, I think it has something to do with collecting human figures. I'm not a fan of the Air Assault armor, but I want Noble Team. It doesn't hurt that you can give her some more weapons from the weapons pack from Series 5. I can't wait until she's available at more stores, so that I can pick another one up.
The Air Assault Spartan is for the serious collectors only. I can't see any little girls playing with these figures, but she is a welcome figure to your collection. And would be perfect for customization since she has 2 regular arms. But the lack of arm pegs means it's air assault all the way. (Although I haven't tried taking her head off yet)
And finally regular Kat, is OK. I can find her in some Rite Aid stores. So she's easy to get. I like that you can tell she's a girl and you need her for Noble Team but she wasn't on my list of figures I wanted to get first. It was only after my missed opportunity that I decided to pick her up.
But all that is my humble opinion, if you're reading this I'm sure you already have your mind set.
Me, I would say: "Try it you'll like it!"

Before I go enjoy these sexy (groan) pics!!!

See Ya In The Toy Aisles!
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