Thursday, April 12, 2012

Halo Anniversary Series 2: Just when I thought I was Out they pull me back in!


I was on the hunt in New York City. My good internet buddy Likeit's1985 wants a blue Ghost Rider. Me, being who I am, love the thrill of the hunt. So I decided to check Midtown Comics and (wait for it!) LO AND BEHOLD! I saw some of the figures from the Anniversay series 2.

  • Master Chief
  • Spartan Mark VI
  • Guilty Spark and Sentinel
I love McFarlane's Toys Halo Reach figures because of the scale. I was looking at some old reviews of some Halo figures on and I realised that the EVA is very ugly and I would not be collecting the line.

While at the store I took a Kat figure and compaired it to Master Chief. And I was pleasantly surprised that the Chief was bigger. I measured her to the white spartan and he was as big as MC. I know that Mickey (who I want) is about Dutch's size and is too small for the Halo Reach scale.

So If Mcfarlane keeps the scales relative to each line (this one belongs in the Halo 3 universe and this new figure will be in Halo Reach scale) I will pick up some new figures. But I won't be building any constructs that come with the figures. I love Dutch, but Cortana she can stay.

Does the Halo scale issue bug you? Let me know!

See Ya In The Toy Aisles!
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