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Jun - Halo Reach Figure Review

"Jun, Noble Three, No Scoping For Life!"  Noble Team Rap


Jun Series 3
Rite Aid: $11.99

Jun (unhelmeted) Series 6
Toys R Us: $18.49

WHO: Jun is one of the members of Noble Team, he is the marksman of the group. And it's possible that he survived the events on Reach, although I think He was cornered by the enemy and decided to take out Halsey and himself. The Pillar of Autumn seemed to be the only ship left to get off the planet, and they went the other way so...

Anyways, I don't really like Jun. His scout helmet isn't the coolest, and that big bungie tattoo on the side of his head doesn't help. He doesn't do anything major except complain that sword base belongs to the Covenant.(Which is the line that he says that stands out to me.) And in that moment makes him seem like a whiny complainy McComplainerson.

THOUGHTS: I'll be honest and say that I like the Unhelmeted version of the figure more. Just like Kat, I'm more fond of human faces on my figures. I like that his knife is on a different place than the rest of the squad and the Guile suit adds a distinct touch to his armor. As well as the fanny pack. But out of Noble team I'm sure he's my least favorite.

WHY DID I BUY THIS FIGURE?:  I have to admit, that I'm a completest. Series 6 is the only series that I was waiting for to be released in stores. So I was pretty hyped. Also the fact that I found Jun from series 3 in a Rite Aid. I considered myself lucky findimg a Jun that I didn't have to search high and low for.

Series 3 Jun is not available at the store, and I want to find a Jun for my older brother. I know that there's Ebay, but I like the thrill of the hunt. Which will probably prove to be my undoing.
One day I hope to get the Noble Team Box set, unless I can get Emile who is the only figure I'm missing. (By the way my friend Likeits1985 already found one for me in a comic book store in Washington! For 14.99, thanks friend!)

Halo Reach $11.99-$18.49 / Transformers Prime $12.99-$14.99

I love Halo Reach, I also like Transformers Prime. The design of the characters inTransformers Prime are  decent and way better than the ugly animated designs. A major improvement over the jumbled up Transformer movie designs. (None of the movie TF's have decent looking heads.) But alas, I can only collect 1 line at a time.

Transformers Prime has cool toys like Cliffjumper and Wheeljack, and when I stop collecting Halo Reach I will probably go to one of the lines I have mentioned in these price comparisons. But until then I'm sticking with Halo Reach.

The one thing that makes Transformers Prime the loser in this category is ....wait for it.....TRANSFORMATION!!

Yes the very selling point of the toy is it's downfall. Why?

With Halo Reach all you have to do to enjoy the toy is open it. In my mind, I love the click able joints and the heftiness of the figures.

With Transformers, you have to transform them. LOL. I still have a masterpiece Skywarp from 2 years ago on my shelf, untransformed. I loved Transformers Cybertron because you could always watch the show's transformations and you were good.

I have the New York Comic Con Exclusive Bumblebee and Arcee from last year, still in package. Love the design, but the playability?

That's another story.

On the latest Marvelicious Toys podcast Arnie brought up the point that toys might cease to exist in the future. And that fewer kids play with toys these days because most things have gone the way of digital media. Why play with an action figure when you have an iPad?!
My nephew likes Star Wars, but the stuff he plays with most? Those little Galactic heroes figures.
So you could say that Halo Reach figures are like little green army men but OF THE FUTURE!

SCULPT: As mentioned before the sculpt comes straight off a 3D model and gets sculpted by a 3D printer, so it's the closest you can get to a perfect sculpt.

The one problem I do have is with the unhelmeted sculpts is that Kat was pretty, but the figure didn't look like her in game model. Jun was easier to do. The head is passable as a human being, but you can't put the stamp "Likeness of Luke" on these unhelmeted figures. His eyes are dark, and Spartans are supposed to have blue eyes. But I haven't noticed his eyes much in the game. The 3D render on the package makes it look like he has green eyes. The tattoo is well done. And there is the problem that Carter had that Jun has. Where his jaw meets his ear, there is a bit of flash (Flash is when some of the plastic sticks out where the molds meet, it's excess plastic).

That's the only thing that I was looking out for when picking Jun's from the pegs. (there were only 2, so it wasn't like it was a lot of work). I did find a batch in Target where the Juns had face damage.

Another problem with the figure is that his left leg is a little loose. I haven't had any trouble posing the figure, but the fact that I noticed it, might spell doom for any posing festivals in my lifetime.

ARTICULATION: Jun has the standard Spartan articulation, so if you own a spartan that isn't Jorge or Kat you know what you're getting here.

ACCESSORIES: Jun comes with a sniper rifle and a frag grenade. The bi pod on the rifle does not work, so it is forever stored away. My rifles barrel is a little bent. But it doesn't bother me much.

FINAL VERDICT: Jun is packed 2 per case in the Toys R Us assessment. Recently in Target I found Jun, the exclusive Spartan Recon and a Sabre Pilot on the pegs. I believe that Jun will be the new Jorge and Carter, warming the pegs like Sausage on a Mcgriddle. But that's OK. Halo Reach figures are very customizable, and I can swap out armor pieces with other figures that I have. I'm sure I will be picking up more Jun's when I find them at Target and Rite Aid. But the $18.49 price Toys R us has for them is too expensive.

The big tattoo on his head makes customizing or using the head on another body difficult. so that makes Jun less customizable. Jun will be warming the pegs in the future. But when these show up in Rite Aid that will be your last resort. After that Ebay will be your only option. So if you're interested in this figure pick him up while you can.

If you're reading this I know your interested, so I would say this is a good action figure with a unique weapon. (only Jun's come with the sniper rifle and since this is the end of the line don't expect another weapons pack)

Out of the Series 6 line up this is the order in which I wanted them..

  1. Kat
  2. Jun
  3. Walgreens JFO
  4. Elite Zealot (We've been engaged!)
  5. Brute Minor
  6. TRU Hazop
  7. Target Recon
  8. Sabre Pilot
I recently picked up more Juns at Target when they had their Pre-Easter sale. As I mentioned above some of them had messed up faces. But I love these figures so much, that and I have a little quirk I have to make a post about. But for now I would recommend Jun, if anything for parts or a custom.

See Ya In The Toy Aisles!!!
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