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Spartan JFO Walgreens Exclusive Found in the Bronx!

In the words of Darth Vader. "I have you now...WHAT!" lol

I found this and the Brute Minor from Series 6 at a Walgreens way up by the 1 train. The cost of each figure was $13.99.

I believe this will be the hardest exclusive to get. Why? Well according to McFarlane's updated Halo page, the Spartan Recon isn't exclusive to Target, the website denotes it as "mass market".

The Saprtan Hazop belongs to Toys R Us, and while TRU has their Halopalooza, the series 6 figures are 18.49....still.

So that leaves the Spartan Joint Fires Observer (JFO) at a good price and hard to find.

Take him home if you see him!

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